We’re committed to analyzing business processes. We believe that it is critical to understand your key business processes if you are to truly achieve operational excellence. Timeline Analysis is a patent-pending analytics engine which delivers these critical process intelligence insights automatically. This includes any process any complexity, and at any size you want.

Achieving True Process Intelligence

All organizations run multiple processes but simultaneously struggle to use the solutions which manage them. ABBYY Timeline can help by combining the best features of these tools. Additionally, it goes the extra mile to deliver a single, unified process intelligence solution, resulting in a brand new approach to analyzing business process data.

The Timeline Analysis Approach

One of the most powerful features of ABBYY Timeline stems from its unique Timeline Analysis approach to process intelligence. This unique approach empowers Timeline to reconstruct the original process instances, step-by-step, from event data that was left behind when they were performed originally.

Because Timeline allows you to combine event data from multiple systems, it’s possible to reconstruct processes even when different steps of the process are performed using multiple back-end systems. As a result, you can visualize and analyze end-to-end business processes even if there’s nowhere else to find these details in the systems you already have.

When Timeline has reconstructed your processes, you will finally be able to unlock key information and get to know your processes like never before. You can even use these advanced analysis features in any process environment, whether your processes are consistent or highly ad hoc.

Our focus on analyzing business processes enables us to offer a wide variety of best-practice analyses for critical use cases across multiple industries and operational areas.

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