Paper-based Human Resource departments with manual processes remain commonplace. Shuffling through the piles of content associated with each employee, applicant, policy, handbook, etc. is annoying, time-consuming, and inefficient. However, worst of all – can you say, with 100% certainty, your documents are in compliance? Additionally, are confidential files secure?

Don’t let work keep you up at night anymore. You deserve to feel confident in your personnel document management. Fortunately, with the security, organization, and efficiency an OnBase Human Resource solution can provide you, you can. As a result, you will have more time and energy in your day to focus on employee satisfaction and engagement throughout your organization.

This video focuses on these key areas of Human Resources:

  • Managing the life cycle of an employee
    Centrally manage the entire employee life cycle in one location. From onboarding to departure, quickly access employee information and documents, automatically assign checklists to departments and individuals, and equip your employees to succeed from day one.
  • HR compliance made easy
    Store all policies and procedures in one central location. Here, you can create, approve and revise, distribute to staff, track acknowledgment and comprehension, and be able to search and retrieve policies or procedures easily.
  • Secure employee documentation
    Finally, eliminate the need to manage multiple, paper-based processes. Whether content is faxed, emailed, or physically mailed, capture all documents electronically and store them in a single secure location. OnBase integrates with your HRIS system so you never have to leave your familiar interface.

Watch this video to learn more about these topics and how Naviant utilizes OnBase to efficiently manage our Human Resources processes with ease.

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