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Foremost Farms is a milk solids processing business owned by the dairy farm families who supply our milk. That’s what it means to be a cooperative – and it’s why the farmer-members have a vested interest in providing the highest-quality milk possible. They own Foremost Farms.
Baraboo, WI
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Foremost Farms transforms employee lifecycle management


The Challenge

As a world-class supplier of cheese and dairy products, Foremost Farms USA needed a document management solution to help maintain and access the company’s growing amount of information.

“We had multiple office trailers on-site because we were outgrowing our current building,” said Joe Stanek, senior analyst, information services, for Foremost Farms. “The trailers were full of documents – customer and member-owner documents, payables documents, etc. – everything was manual and in file cabinets.”

That all changed when the company implemented OnBase by Hyland.

The Solution

Working with Naviant, an authorized OnBase solution provider, Foremost Farms implemented OnBase in 2001 to simplify access to needed documents and automate slow, manual processes.

In almost every department – including human resources (HR), payroll, accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable and purchasing – staff utilize OnBase to instantly retrieve information.

Transforms employee onboarding with secure, digital workflows
As business grew, Foremost Farms leveraged OnBase to streamline portions of employee onboarding. This not only ensured that staff adhered to protocol, but also enhanced security of sensitive employee information.

“It’s priceless having security in place,” said Bonnie Wagner, senior corporate recruiting manager at Foremost Farms.“ I can see where forms are in the process at any time. I know they started in OnBase and the information will go to the correct folder – while ensuring everything is secure.”

OnBase also allows HR to notify other groups across the company about new hires.

“We can now alert staff when there’s a new hire and what training is involved so they know the requirements in advance,” Wagner said.

Adds consistency to processes
By integrating OnBase with Kronos, its workforce management software, HR staff no longer manually update staff change information.

If an employee is promoted or changes departments, for example, HR staff complete an OnBase form that notifies other departments, like Payroll, immediately.

“With these status change forms, we’re not making mistakes anymore,” Wagner said. “The form really helps us to be consistent with our processes and double-check our data to make sure it’s correct. If it isn’t, we can now change it immediately.”

Ensures separated employees no longer access confidential information
Before implementing OnBase, it was difficult for HR staff to ensure separated employees no longer had access to sensitive company information. OnBase revolutionized the process.

“These former employees potentially had access to systems that they shouldn’t have,” Stanek said. “OnBase plugged up the security leak and the chance of someone using their old account is now eliminated because we’re immediately deactivating them.”

Completion of the offboarding form also notifies other departments of the employee termination.

“Now, when we terminate someone, we complete a form and, once completed, it notifies HR and other departments – like our user access group, AP, building facilities, etc. – so all of their access to the company is deactivated,” Wagner said.

The Difference

Improves support for audits: “We have audits all of the time,” Wagner said. “We pull documents directly from OnBase and we’ve never had an issue. We can find all of our information – it’s right where it needs to be.”

Guarantees staff follows procedures: “There’s a lot of validation that we’ve built into processes in OnBase so you can’t key in the wrong information,” Wagner said. “That way we don’t have a form that just went through three approvers and is now sitting in HR’s hands and it’s wrong.”

Speeds employee onboarding: “Yesterday we had a young lady accept a position with us,” Wagner said. “Because she’s going to start next Monday, there’s little room for turnaround time. I kicked off the OnBase form immediately and the manager and director had approved the form within a couple of minutes.”

Reduces email storage: By integrating OnBase with Microsoft Outlook, employees no longer take up space saving emails and related documents in Outlook. Now, staff save content into OnBase directly from Outlook without having to print or scan them into the system.

“It’s priceless having security in place. I can see where forms
are in the process at any time. I know they started in OnBase
and the information will go to the correct folder – while
ensuring everything is secure.”
– Bonnie Wagner
Senior Corporate Recruiting Manager,
Foremost Farms USA

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