The Client

We’ve all taken small risks in our lives and had nothing come of it. Unfortunately, there are high-pressure situations that may have more impactful consequences if we push the limits. It’s imperative to be in compliance in these scenarios. This energy company came face-to-face with this reality when it came to their document management strategy. It didn’t take long for them to realize that it was time for a reassessment.

Traceable, Verifiable, Accurate, and Complete

To understand the significance of this energy company’s situation prior to implementing their new solution, some context is necessary. Unless you work in the industry, you may not know what the acronym MOAP stands for. But for the folks at one energy company, MAOP, or “Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure” is a critical part of their business. There are many essential pieces of information that populate an engineering record for natural gas pipelines. In the end, the records must be traceable, verifiable, accurate, and complete. Reliability and safety are at the top of the list when considering new pipe installment, replacement, and age of infrastructure, so security is key when it comes to storing such information. Essentially, the system holding all these records must be bulletproof.

Pressure Sales

Several years ago, the team maintaining these critical records for this energy company found themselves at a crossroads. Although the current system worked well, the vendor implemented a new licensing agreement that didn’t quite fit in with the company’s overall plans. The choice was to swallow the new agreement or find something new. That’s when the team at Naviant stepped in to help. The old vendor gave the company a single year to agree to the new terms or to get cut off. Time became a critical factor in implementing the new solutions. It was no small feat to put together a new process, but the challenge was worth the effort.

Well Ahead of Schedule

After nine months of hard work, the Naviant team moved the company’s engineering records compliance process to a new Hyland OnBase system. The new system brought some unexpected benefits. With the previous system, all the documents included in the engineering record were in different physical or digital spaces, which took additional time and reduced efficiencies. But with the OnBase system, all the records were coordinated by a single system. In fact, the OnBase system could even notify each responsible team member that their part of the process was now ready rather than waiting for a human to manually write and send an email.

In the end, Naviant helped the energy company reduce pressure to a system that kept track of pipeline pressure. The energy company can be compliant with regulatory demands without the headaches and pressure from the system. Risk averted!

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding security protocols to enhance compliance with regulatory demands
  • Saves significant time, which in turn increases overall efficiency
  • Convenient automatic notifications to help improve teamwork and enhance productivity
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