Life Sciences Case Study: Transforming Order Processing with OnBase

As the leading cancer diagnostic company with annual revenue of over $1 billion, the client was processing hundreds of thousands of patient orders with a manual, fax driven process. Through a strategic partnership with Naviant, the client successfully transformed their Order Process. This both improved their efficiency and prepared them for the significant growth ahead.

As a young company, the client had built their processes around the assumption that health providers would use their custom portal for submitting patient orders. Ultimately, they began receiving large volumes of fax orders that made their initial processes very manual. The client came to Naviant, looking for expertise in process improvement and experience with other growing companies. Through a Discovery process, Naviant worked collaboratively with other vendors to assess a workaround for the current, fax-driven process.

The client chose to implement OnBase, a leading Content Services platform, to provide scalable platform for document and process management. OnBase centralizes important business content in one secure location and then deliver relevant information to drive process efficacy. OnBase increases productivity, enables users to deliver excellent customer service, and reduces risk across your entire enterprise.

Since beginning to work with Naviant, the company has grown substantially from 100 employees in 2014 to over 4,000 employees today. With this explosive growth, the custom developed solution no longer met the business’ needs. To address this problem, the client became Epic’s first diagnostic special customer. But they needed support to guide them through this transition successfully. The client decided to team up with Naviant to help them successfully transform again. They chose Naviant for its knowledge of their business and its experience with the integration between OnBase and Epic.

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