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Established in 1967, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) supports all forms of transportation, including Wisconsin’s network of state highways, interstate highway system, public transit, and other modes. WisDOT is committed to providing the safest, most efficient, and highest quality transportation services to best serve the needs of Wisconsin, its citizens, and many visitors.
Madison, WI

Phase 1: Eliminating Inefficient Processes & Paper with OnBase for Government

Like most organizations, WisDOT relied heavily on paper documents before beginning its digital transformation journey. Finding a specific document meant rifling through a series of buckets stuffed with paper or scouring the contents of filing cabinets. As a result, disorganization and miscommunication were daily occurrences. Whenever a customer would call inquiring about their application’s status, a WisDOT employee had to dig through the buckets and filing cabinets, looking for the proper information. This inefficient process resulted in long wait times, and frustrated customers.  

By 2014, WisDOT knew it needed to digitize its paper documents and increase its overall process efficiency for better business and a smoother customer experience. WisDOT officially partnered with Naviant in 2015 and chose OnBase by Hyland to tackle these goals.  

WisDOT’s initial OnBase implementation was completed in early 2016, beginning with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is its largest user base with a total of 2000+ OnBase users. Since then, WisDOT has expanded its solution to its other five divisions, including the Division of Budget and Strategic Initiatives, the Division of Business Management, the Division of State Patrol, the Division of Transportation Investment Management, and the Division of Transportation System Development.

Wisconsin DOT's OnBase Testimonial: Using OnBase & AnyDoc to Digitally Transform

The Solution 

Capture & Storage 

Since WisDOT implemented OnBase for government in the DMV first, all Bureau of Vehicle Services documents related to applications, titles, or registration renewal were scanned and stored in OnBase. After the initial implementation, WisDOT’s other six divisions joined its OnBase platform from several enterprise-wide solutions, including its out-of-state travel and legal services requests processes. Additionally, each DMV service center in Wisconsin uses OnBase to facilitate the entire driver’s licensing process.  


While integrating OnBase with its homegrown applications was challenging, WisDOT’s integrations have created a seamless user experience. Some of the systems WisDOT has integrated include Oracle, Image Forms, Legal, and Infiniworx Check Processing Volume Adds. 

Phase 2: Faster Processes & New Functionality With WorkView 

2021 brought an unexpected roadblock. As part of its DMV OnBase solution, WisDOT relied on the AnyDoc suite of products. Unfortunately, AnyDoc was sunsetting several of its modules, including EXCHANGEit and DeposIT. These two modules enabled WisDOT to process and manage the metadata for the 1,500+ checks and the $1M+ that’s deposited into its bank every day. This was a business-critical process that had a high impact on customers. WisDOT needed a solution fast. Then, WisDOT had an exciting realization: OnBase. 


WisDOT discovered that OnBase WorkView could easily duplicate the AnyDoc DeposIT interface WisDOT relied on to manage checks in the associated metadata. As a bonus, it offered the flexibility to make the process even better.  


In addition to WorkView, WisDOT used workflow behind the scenes to route and match check documents stored within OnBase. Thanks to WorkView and workflow, WisDOT successfully rolled out its new solution in April of 2022, solving their problem on time without distruption to customer service 

The Difference

Better Customer Experience 

The biggest benefit of all, according to Aaron Selchert, the Supervisor of the Document Management Unit in the Bureau of IT Services at WisDOT: Better, faster, more transparent customer service. OnBase allows WisDOT employees to answer customers’ application questions quickly and accurately when they call. Selchert explained, “This way, you can tell the customer if their application was received, where it was received, and when it may be processed. It makes for better transparency with them.”  

Customers who interact with OnBase directly are also very happy. One DMV Business Area Expert said, “Correspondence Processing Unit (CPU) is very pleased with this new product provided and is very excited to start using it in the production environment. Through testing OnBase Deposit, CPU has found time savings in several areas of our daily check processing procedures. The points in CPU check processing most affected with time savings are reporting, check validations, check corrections, as well as daily balancing.”  

Aaron Selchert said of this testimonial, “It was really exciting to see a customer so excited about a solution.” He continued, “I don’t know how many times we’ve heard how much time we were going to reduce or how excited staff was to work with the new solution, so that’s always great to hear.” 

Electronic Documents 

OnBase’s comprehensive scanning capabilities allowed WisDOT to digitize its paper documents. And since its documents are digital, all critical information is neatly organized, and employees can locate the documents they need quickly.  

Saved Time 

The new solution gives them the ability to export a file format that’s in a proper format to be ingested by the bank. Previously, they would have to convert a file 2 or 3 times before it was ready. Now with WorkView, they can output that file, and then, with one click of a button, it’s converted into a format that is readily digestible to their bank. WisDOT estimates they decreased the amount of time spent on this specific task by 20%.  

Expanded Functionality 

While WisDOT’s AnyDoc interface was powerful and effective, it had limited functionality. OnBase WorkView unlocked a whole world of possibilities for WisDOT, which it has used to improve its processes vastly.  

For example, WorkView filters have transformed the formerly manual check reconciliation process. Users previously had to tally physical check amounts on a spreadsheet, which they would then compare in the AnyDoc interface by individually entering each batch number. Then, they had to manually match the resulting dollar amount and check the total against the spreadsheet. WorkView now lets users use a filter that displays all batches at once! 

Tighter Security 

WisDOT uses reporting dashboards to report on check information, which has helped enhance security. Before OnBase, users could report on how many checks were deposited in a day or year, but the metadata that staff could dive into based on these reports was severely limited. OnBase’s dashboards have expanded WisDOT’s visibility into this data immensely. For example, authorized staff can now determine in detail how much historical data has been deposited for a day, week, month, or year. They can also use reports to track the actions being taken on these checks, like if a user deletes or modifies a check that’s flagged in the report. These features have been valuable for WisDOT from a security and a management perspective.  

Solution Expansion Plans 

Link WorkView with Internal DMV Financial Application 

By linking WorkView with the internal DMV financial application, users will be able to move seamlessly using one solution instead of having to validate fees and check the information in two places.  

WisDOT Check Processing Expansion 

WisDOT wants to apply its WorkView check processing solution to other WisDOT areas that must deposit checks and fees.  

Go Enterprise 

WisDOT plans to continue to expand its OnBase solution across all six divisions. 

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