Low-code application development enables rapid application delivery with minimal coding, quick set up and fast deployment. This type of application development leverages platform-based visual design elements — such as drop-down menus and checkboxes — to develop, change and deliver business applications quickly and effectively. By enabling rapid application development, organizations can increase their digital agility and adapt to new challenges quicker than ever before. Furthermore, it provides a new alternative for overcoming the buy vs. build dilemma. WorkView is the solution that allows you to unlock this powerful application building capability from within the Hyland platform. This modern approach to application development allows organizations to:

  • Increase speed of deployment
  • Reduce costly IT sprawl
  • Improve user adoption
  • Maintain critical data security and governance
  • Accelerate ROI

WorkView is a low-code, configurable framework that allows users to create business applications — without the need for custom coding — tailored to the needs of individual users, departments or an entire organization. At its core, it is a relational database building tool coupled with an intuitive interface designer to display interconnected data, content and processes. WorkView enables the creation and rapid deployment of content-centric or case-driven applications that are natively integrated with the OnBase suite of products.


  • Point-and-click configurable framework for rapid solution creation and deployment
  • Integrated screen designer allows for complete customization of views and
    screens for all users
  • Automatically links folders and documents to a related WorkView record
  • Capture history and event logs for a complete audit trail and permanent record
    of all interactions and activities
  • Natively integrated with OnBase Workflow allowing data records to be routed
    through new or existing workflows, which enables the automated execution of work
    without the need for custom scripting
  • Complete view of business data including data from disparate, external data sources


  • Enables rapid application development
  • Easily integrates data from internal and external sources
  • Provides a centralized, complete view of information
  • Improves the effectiveness of applications
  • Reduces IT sprawl
  • Eliminates disparate data management methods
  • Seamlessly integrates with the OnBase product suite
  • Allows for scalable application building without sacrificing data security
    and governance

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