Purchase Requisition Automation Document Management Workflow Solution

What is a Purchase Requisition and How Can a Document Management Solution Help?

A Purchase requisition is an internal document that employees use to obtain permission for a purchase on behalf of their company. OnBase document management helps streamline the purchase requisition process by using an e-form that captures the request, and then electronically routes the request for approvals, changes or denial, and even includes charge code entry capabilities. Purchase requisition document management also allows you to store electronic copies of all related documents so they can be accessed anytime directly from your ERP.

OnBase Purchase Requisition Software

Accelerate and automate the purchasing process with OnBase Purchase Requisition Software. OnBase makes the whole process more transparent and easier to track, and provides visibility into the process. OnBase, when integrated with your ERP, can be used to centrally manage activities such as issuing and approving purchase requests, gathering and evaluating proposals, issuing purchase orders, approving invoices, storing information about suppliers and deals, and analyzing procurement information.

OnBase document management intelligently routes purchasing information to managers and your procurement team for approval, changes, or denial, and even includes charge code entry capabilities. Because OnBase has the capabilities to integrate with ERP systems, including SAP®, Lawson®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, and Dynamics®, all purchasing data can be automatically entered for the creation of purchase orders.  Also, the OnBase Purchase Requisition software allows you to store electronic copies of all documents so they can be accessed at any time directly from your company’s ERP.

By providing your staff with instant access to the information they need, including price quotations, invoices, proposals, and more, all without leaving their familiar application, processing and problem-solving is speed up considerably. Purchasing and procurement document management is quicker, easier, and more accurate. Overall, the preparation put into a proper purchasing cycle will result in fewer problems and a more manageable invoice processing cycle.

The OnBase Automated Purchase Requisition software will benefit your organization by:


  • Increased savings through centralization and standardization. OnBase ensure tighter controls, standardized processes, and the power of Vendor Management for negotiation with vendors
  • Reducing the risk of losing or incorrectly entering purchase information
  • Ensuring approval managers and your procurement team have the necessary details to qualify and approve a purchase with access from both email and mobile devices
  • Allowing for automatic entry of information into your line-of-business application, while ensuring that a purchase order is generated accurately and with a full audit trail of all required approvals
  • Improved performance via automation with workflows that auto-generate notifications to speed up the approval process