The Transforming Power of OnBase

Are you aware of the benefits of OnBase? Watch this case study of a company that successfully implemented OnBase. You will hear from Gary Frings, the Chief Information Officer at Exact Sciences. Specifically, he will give the account of his experience working with Naviant to implement this helpful technology. For starters, Exact Sciences offers noninvasive colon cancer screening tests, and launched their FDA-approved test just two and a half years ago. As a result, they experienced such rapid growth in those short couple years that quickly became difficult to keep up with.

Exact Sciences initially assumed that customers would order tests electronically through a web portal or with an integration to an electronic medical record system. Much to their surprise, most orders were coming in by fax. The need for a better way to manage the high volumes of documents and automate order processing became clear early on.

Finding a Solution

Exact Sciences decided that enough was enough, they needed to find a solution. Firstly, they met with Naviant and ultimately chose to implement OnBase to tackle their problems. OnBase is an enterprise content management solution. They implemented it specifically into their accounting department for AP automation and then leveraged it to automate order processing. Additionally, going forward, they plan to leverage OnBase in other parts of their business. This could include things like distributing and storing test results, revenue cycle management area. It could even include managing appeals documents and invoicing.

OnBase integrated with the current order entry system and other existing software systems that Exact Sciences already had in place. Additionally, as a medical services provider, there are a lot of regulations and requirements to consider. Specifically, Exact Science faces requirements around document handling and managing patient information and medical test results. The OnBase software is flexible and has the workflow capabilities that allowed Exact Sciences to be able to build in document retention requirements, security and auditing of all access to that information.

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