Policies & Procedures Electronic Document Management Workflow Solution for Human Resource Departments

Protecting and managing employees is vital to the success of any organization. If HR policies and procedures are stored on paper, ensuring employees review and acknowledge these documents is time consuming and prone to error. The OnBase Policy and Procedure Administration solution solves this problem, creating a single place to distribute, acknowledge, and archive your policies.

By electronically storing and distributing this information, every member of your staff is aware of the most current policies, supporting compliance with program rules, government mandates, and company/industry standards. It also creates a more knowledgeable workforce, helping your organization mitigate risk.

With OnBase, information like employee handbooks and security policies are automatically distributed to all necessary employees required to review and acknowledge the information. The Policy and Procedure Administration solution can also be rolled out to non-OnBase users–employees simply log in with their usual network information to an online version of OnBase to view and acknowledge their documents.

With OnBase, HR departments:

  • Capture and track employee acknowledgements through a single interface with dynamic reporting capabilities
  • Provide centralized policy document access to the entire workforce regardless of physical location
  • Improve employee knowledge and productivity by effectively administering and promoting organizational policies