An Agenda Management System Helps Your Process From Start to Finish

Governments often face slow, manual, and challenging agenda management processes. Manual processes inevitably lead to problems like missed deadlines and agenda points. All around paper slows down processes considerably. Agenda management software speeds up the entire process. When your information and documents are in a single electronic location, government can operate more efficiently. Throw out the labor-intensive processes of meeting activities and make them digital with automation. Manage your agenda, minutes, video, voting, and records on one digital and automated platform. And, without paper!

Agenda Management Software Results

When you go paperless with agenda management software, your ink, paper, and storage costs will plummet. You’ll likely see a significant drop in your shipping fees as well.

When the information you need is all over the place, finding a specific document or resource is a nightmare. With an agenda management solution, you can rest easy knowing all the information you need is in one place. It’s only a search away. Most importantly, you won’t have to devote time to following up on status and approval requests, manually creating agendas and meeting packets, and distributing them out to the appropriate people.

Legislation processes are under higher scrutiny than ever. For this reason, government entities are facing a higher frequency of public record requests. Fortunately, agenda management offers a single, secure repository of complete records. Your whole organization can access and search for files. As a result, you fulfill requests fast. Combine Public Records Request Management with agenda management for added speed. It’s a win-win for both workers and the community.

This software also offers tools supporting self-service access to certain documents as well as a constituent portal for video, minutes, and minutes. All these features come together to make the constituent experience even smoother.

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