OnBase Agenda Management Solution For Local Government

A Vision of Growth in local Government

The City of Fitchburg was looking to overcome its slow, challenging agenda management process as well as build a foundation to improve their processes city-wide. That’s when they turned to OnBase by Hyland to build their foundation in agenda management and set them up on a platform that would help them continue to grow. Previously, agenda information had been sent to the clerk via a mixture of paper and email. As a result, this created a disjointed process causing missed deadlines and missing agenda points. Fortunately, OnBase was able to help. Here’s how:


The Document Management Software Solution

Providing a platform for continued growth

The success found in improving agenda management processes provided a springboard for expanding OnBase into the Finance Department. Firstly, the department started by automating the purchase order approval process, and expanded into full AP automation of invoices.

Created a Consistent Paperless Grants Process

With OnBase, Fitchburg developed a standardized grants approval process for the entire city. By using an eform to submit the request, OnBase can route it all the way through approvals to the Mayor’s office. As a result, this standardizes submissions so they never become lost in the shuffle.

Provides Flexible Solution Development

“During the selection process, finding a flexible solution was crucial. We needed a solution that could answer the small issues that pop up without having to purchase new, separate systems. OnBase did that and more,” said Matthew Prough, IT Director of the City of Fitchburg.

Connects related documents and information

OnBase provides Fitchburg with one, central and electronic location to store documents and information. By connecting it all via one system, staff can easily pull up information related to the document they are viewing. Additionally, they can make decisions with the complete picture in mind.



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