Promote Efficient Care Delivery in the Hospital

Recent debates over healthcare reform underscore rising costs in the industry, but that is just one of the many challenges that healthcare organizations face today. An aging population, increased prevalence of chronic conditions, and greater access to insurance as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are driving consumer demand for healthcare services. At the same time, reimbursements are decreasingly tied to the consumption of healthcare and are more aligned with the outcome. The result has been less revenue for the hospital.

Naviant offers access to ECM solutions that can scale to all areas of your hospital, ultimately supporting thousands of end-users. More importantly, our solutions offer healthcare-specific functionality to meet particular clinical and departmental needs. Because the solutions can integrate with your existing software applications, including EMR and ERP applications, we enable you to leverage your existing IT expenditures while keeping users in one consistent, productive application environment.

An ECM solution can help hospitals reduce costs while maintaining high levels of care in:

  • Health information management with secure electronic storage of patient information
  • Clinical care by uniting ultrasound images and data with the EMR
  • Patient financial services with automated management of financial documentation and data
  • Administration with automated workflow for accounting, finance, and human resources

Many hospitals partner with Naviant for the secure storage, retrieval, and automation of business processes of their documents and content.