Policies Procedures Document Management ECM Solutions Simplify Compliance

Ensuring everyone within your facility reads and acknowledges the most current policies can be a real headache—managing policy revisions and preparing for audits can be even worse. An ECM solution helps facilitate collaborative creation of policy and procedure documentation while easing dissemination and tracking of that content.

Healthcare organizations using ECM solutions to manage policies and procedures can:

  • Rapidly distribute documents to their entire workforce, providing immediate access to required reading
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer consistency using a single, automated, centralized tool
  • Enforce accountability by requiring users to review documents and then acknowledge those documents, with proof of that acknowledgement
  • Easily audit reading compliance by accurately and automatically reporting and identifying delinquencies
  • Use an automated pre-approval process for content
  • Configure an automatic escalation process for delinquencies

Top-notch ECM solutions, including workflow, create a complete solution that allows you to manage the policies and procedures that you need your employees to understand. Additionally, organizations can measure comprehension by automatically displaying a test or survey, automate the management of policy expirations, revisions, and versions, and create documents upon workflow approval. Organizations can even manage approvals via a mobile device, such as an: iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry.