Optimize Endoscopy Operations with ECM Solution for GI Diagnostics

Realize a new level of efficiency in the endoscopy suite

Today’s gastrointestinal (GI) practitioner is familiar with the need for timely, accurate reporting, and easier coding processes, as well as the challenges associated with image capture, sharing, and storage. The procedure is no place for process errors, workflow inefficiencies, and time-consuming paper issues. In this environment, every step is critical. Coding must be correct the first time to provide the referring physician with consistent, actionable reports, and the highest standard of care for the patient.

The key to optimizing your endoscopy operations is having the kind of intuitive and efficient environment that an ECM solution can help create. From integrated encounter creation and image capture to an easy-to-navigate reporting and coding wizard, choose an ECM solution that eliminates once cumbersome processes that surround each procedure. Naviant’s solutions provide:

  • A fully developed tissue pathology reporting wizard
  • Images, findings, notes, and recommendations that all reside within a single system, allowing reports to be generated in minutes as opposed to hours—this gives back time to your clinicians for more procedures (or quite possibly even rest at the end of the day)
  • Customizable templates to align with your practice’s standards
  • Automated report distribution and integrations to the EMR for instant response to referring physicians and the sharing of key images
  • Integration with your existing billing systems to expedite reimbursement

Expanding an ECM solution into your clinical space will help create an enterprise-wide approach to treating your patients. Providing quick, high-quality report access to your referring physicians creates the opportunity for the collaboration and seamless care that are expected in today’s healthcare environment.