MEDITECH OnBase Document Management Integration

Complement your MEDITECH HMR with more than simple scanning and archiving

MEDITECH is very good with patient data, but can miss important content outside of it. Paper, faxes, images, photos, forms, etc. can make up to 25 percent of a patient record, and often elude even the best systems. To meet “meaningful use” standards, physicians need to see all patient information without leaving MEDITECH. However, upgrades are often expensive and take one to two years to implement. OnBase document management solution creates that one-stop shop for physicians. It’s deployed quickly and for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can use OnBase in departments that are struggling with paper and disconnected systems hospital-wide, not just the clinical setting.

Benefits of MEDITECH OnBase Integration

As a MEDITECH client, your organization understands the importance of a solution that can benefit the entire enterprise. Unfortunately, even a solution as reliable as MEDITECH can’t do everything. Without support, the EMR only holds about 75% of a patient’s information, forcing clinicians and staff to manually hunt down the remaining information.

Integrating your MEDITECH EMR with OnBase removes that unnecessary effort. OnBase can create a repository for the content that can’t be stored in MEDITECH, and integrates it right into the EMR, so clinicians and staff may continue to work in MEDITECH (which they already use and love). This adds further value to your existing IT investments without breaking your IT budget.

Creating a central repository for all patient information is a great start, but a true enterprise solution goes beyond simple scanning and archiving and extends beyond patient documentation. Naviant offers solutions that:

  • Provide comprehensive capture technology that facilitates the consolidation of information silos created by third-party systems
  • Automate the movement of patient information all the way from registration through discharge, so clinicians have all the information they need, exactly when they need it
  • Allow clinicians the ability to complete deficiencies and sign documents remotely to speed chart completion

OnBase integration with MEDITECH creates a complete enterprise solution that touches every corner of your hospital. By completing the patient record and automating the movement of documents and information, OnBase helps support and improve patient care and service—from admission to discharge and beyond.