A Single Interface for All Claims Content

Insurance Claims Management Software can provide you with instant access to documents and information surrounding a claim. Its single interface provides all the claims content, regardless of where it originated or of its format. The solution offers you a 360-degree view of all the information pertaining to the claim.

Case management for claims processing can help you manage and optimize all aspects of a claim, from the first notice of loss through investigation and close. For more complex claims product lines, such as short and long-term disability, cancer, and so on, a Case Management Solution allows you to dynamically interact with the claims process, handling even non-linear aspects of your process. The solution integrates with document management, which brings the added value of allowing task management at the case level throughout the claims process.

Your adjusters may need to request information as part of the investigation. This process can become increasingly difficult to manage. The creation of correspondence and documentation of phone records, as well as other information, becomes an integral part of the claims process. Our claims management software solution provides easy claim capture followed by instant access to that information, as well as the ability to identify when required information is missing.

Claims Management Software Results

Bringing all your information into one centralized location frees up adjusters to focus on high-value tasks. Rather than going back and forth between different systems, websites, and emails, your adjusters can use the case management solution as a one-stop-shop to gather all the information they need to drive timely, accurate decisions.

Claim volumes fluctuate on a daily basis and workflows need to be adjusted, reassigned, and handled appropriately to ensure accurate, timely setting of reserves and to maintain service level standards. A case management solution can manage the distribution of work by authority level, skill sets, type of claim, or other business rules.

Our solutions can easily integrate with claims handling systems like Guidewire, Duck Creek, homegrown solutions, and more, completing the customer information view and improving efficiency.

Ensures that a detailed audit trail and internal controls are maintained to manage compliance and reduce risk. When the time comes, retrieving necessary details for auditors is easily given your system’s expert organization and full visibility.

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