If you’re looking to pursue a career in IT, you may want to consider becoming an OnBase System Administrator. Becoming a certified OnBase System Administrator comes with a host of benefits, from helping you build your IT skills to guiding you to a rewarding career, and much more. Interested in becoming certified?

We have two excellent certification opportunities for you:

These classes are both designed to introduce IT professionals to OnBase for the very first time, and prepare them for jobs using OnBase in the Enterprise Content Management/Content Services industry. If you already work in a role supporting or interacting with OnBase or are looking to certify further or recertify, connect with your Naviant account manager to discover opportunities that fit your experience level. These courses offer participants hands-on learning experiences that directly translate to the daily activities of an OnBase System Administrator. It focuses in-depth on the usage, maintenance, and administration of OnBase.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should take advantage of one of these excellent opportunities.

1. Build a Foundation of OnBase Knowledge

For OnBase beginners, these courses can build a foundation of how to use and support OnBase software. In addition to prioritizing a career-driven hands-on learning approach, these courses also investigate effective maintenance strategies and resources that all OnBase System Administrators have access to.

Participants will learn about OnBase products that help organizations capture, manage, access, measure, and store their data, as well as how OnBase integrates with other systems. Additionally, participants will receive education on database basics, information regarding the Enterprise Content Management industry, and basic Windows authentication methods.

2. Unlock Great Career Opportunities

For many participants, getting certified as an OnBase System Administrator is the gateway to opportunity. OnBase System Administrators are in high demand across the country. Of the 53 participants who have taken the course over the past 4 OnBase System Administration sessions, just over 60% of attendees are now employed in careers involving OnBase. This perk comes by no coincidence, either. These courses emphasize a hands-on, industry-focused curriculum complete with OnBase job-centered learning experiences. As a result, participants can leave their course feeling prepared to enter the industry. Salman Lakhani, now a Power BI Developer at InSynch Healthcare, took the OnBase System Administration Certification class at Tri-C, said, “[The] OnBase System Administrator has always been a high point in my career. Tri-C had so many IT programs specifically with instructors from the Hyland Organization who taught much more career paths within OnBase.”

James LaGrange, now an Advanced OnBase Developer at the Wisconsin DOT, recently took the OnBase System Administration course at Madison College. Reflecting on the decision to take the course, LaGrange stated, “I thought it was an invaluable certificate to have and it gave me a great job…” Additionally, Pallab Ray, now a Solution Architect at SE2 LLC, reported career-boosting benefits of becoming certified at Madison College. Ray said, “I can handle any kind of ECM project now and the certification gives me confidence, and my profile boost up with OCSA [OnBase Certified System Administrator].”

In addition to the course curriculum and exceptional instructors, these courses provide valuable networking opportunities for students. Salman Lakhani said, “I was able to make new connections at the classes who were able to guide me to new career goals and shared experience.”

3. Make an Impact

OnBase can make a significant impact on the organizations that you may potentially work with, too. For example, building a solid foundation in OnBase skill by becoming an OnBase System Administrator can benefit your entire organization at large, and beyond. James LaGrange also expressed that the Wisconsin DOT is positively impacted by OnBase, saying, “It reduces the number of paper forms the DMV gets daily and saves them a lot of time processing their forms and they don’t have to manually count the number of forms they processed.” Salman Lakhani shared OnBase’s impact on InSynch Healthcare, saying “OnBase has provided the organization with process automation which has reduced the workload and has increased the productivity while using OnBase report services to create reports to analyze documents.”

Brianna Overkamp, a Customer Success Specialist at Naviant and a certified OnBase System Administrator, finds fulfillment in her work. As a lifelong technology enthusiast, she is happy to use her interest and skills to help others, including Naviant customers. “Being able to put the thing I enjoy most and helping people into one is kind of the ideal job for me,” says Brie, “I really like feeling like I’m helping people be more efficient and making their jobs easier, and seeing a project take off so people can use it.”

Becoming an OnBase Certified System Administrator can provide you with the resources to help you find success now and in the future. For registration, visit Madison College’s website or Tri-C College’s website, or feel free to pass this information on to a friend or colleague you think may be interested. What are you waiting for?

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