In just two weeks, the 24th annual Naviant Summit with be upon us. At this interactive event, you will discover strategies to optimize your solution and overall digital strategy, while gaining insights from industry experts and your peers alike. Many things have changed around the world since we last met, and we’re embracing that change.

The Naviant Summit is evolving into a virtual event this year using the Accelevents. Join us on September 15th-17th as we explore your digital evolution and the next normal.

We can’t wait for you to experience this virtual, interactive conference. You will enjoy two days filled with all your favorite parts of our in-person annual event, including compelling speakers, valuable educational sessions led by industry experts, and plenty of opportunities to network and collaborate.

Get the Most Out of Your Experience




What to Expect at the Naviant Summit

Whether you’re an OnBase rookie, an experienced user, or an expert, the Naviant Summit has value to offer you. The Summit will grant you the opportunity to expand upon whatever level of knowledge you arrive with, explore new solutions, and gain momentum to optimize your current solution.

Session Recommendations

With more sessions than ever, you may be unsure of where to begin. Here’s what we suggest.

For Everyone:

  • Networking Sessions
  • Customer Stories & Update from Hyland CEO: Bill Priemer
  • Innovation Award & Getting the Most Out of Your SLA
  • Cloud as a Strategic Imperative
  • Remote Workforce Optimization
  • Don’t Forget Your Back Office

For Our Customers:

  • Level Up Your Implementation with Strong Testing & Training
  • RAD! How OnBAse Can Be Your Rapid Application Development Tool
  • Accelerate Processes and Improve Efficiency with Kryon RPA
  • Tips & Tricks for OnBase
  • Evolving from Business Owner to OnBase Admin

If You’re New:

  • What’s New in OnBase
  • Turn Your Transformation Strategy into a Reality
  • Get Data from Documents…OCR to the Future!
  • Timeline Process Intelligence and its Impact on Your Business

Remember these are simply suggestions and a starting point for building your customized agenda. Review the agenda and full descriptions to determine what would be best for you.


Sneak Peek into the Platform

We knew this year’s event was going to be different, but that with the right platform and a little creativity, we could put on a fun, value-driven event Accelevents was our answer. This is an all-in-one virtual event platform that prioritizes a seamless, interactive user experience.


Yes, it is possible to network 1:1 with other attendees at a virtual event!

One of the biggest advantages of attending the Naviant Summit has always been the chance to connect with other OnBase users. Historically, attendees of the Naviant Summit have represented a wide range of industries and varying degrees of expertise. This has made for a rich networking experience for all, as countless attendees have reported. Now that we’re going virtual, this is truer than ever. Without the constraints of geography and travel costs, accessibility to Summit is even greater, as this has expanded our pool of attendees.

“Attending the Naviant conference really allows me to work with the other people in my market and surrounding areas that are going through a lot of the same growth and issues that we are going through. Being able to help build those partnerships beyond just this conference but ongoing beyond it,” said Joshua Lyons of Exact Sciences, 2019 Summit attendee.

How it Works:

In short, the virtual networking process will feel somewhat like “speed dating.” Your first networking opportunity will be right away on Tuesday between 8:00 – 9:00 AM CDT. You can join and exit the networking area whenever you’d like during this time.

Once you have entered the virtual event, you will find the “Networking” tab in the left menu, as seen below:

Main menu of Networking tab

When you click on it, you will be directed to the networking space. Here you can select the “meet up” group that you would like to join. When you join a meet up group, you don’t enter it immediately. You will see this second screen.

Screen capture of the Networking page "I'm Ready" screen.

This gives you the chance to get situated. Make sure your webcam is on, your background is clean, check your hair, check your teeth, etc. Then, when you are all set, click “I’m Ready.”

You will be matched with another individual in the same meet up or networking group as you. You will have 3-minutes to chat. There is a timer at the top of the screen for your 3-minutes. It will end exactly at 3-minutes, so make sure you are wrapping up your conversation or you will get cut off.

2 people online networking

There is a blue connect button at the bottom of the screen. This is like exchanging business cards. If you’d like to connect with the person you are talking with, they will receive a notification (bell at the top right corner). You can then verify if you’d like to connect with that person as well by clicking on the notification bell in the top right corner.

After the 3 minutes are over, you’ll be matched with the next person, and the process will repeat.

After you’re done networking, you’ll be able to view the people you agreed to “Connect” with in the “People” tab, also located in the left panel of the Summit site.

List of people in the People Section

The People section lists everyone at the Naviant Summit, including speakers. This is where you’ll find their contact information for further interaction after the Summit. If you connected with someone and the accepted, there will be a green checkmark on the top right of their picture. You will see there is a chat option, where you can send that individual a direct chat message. Or, you could video chat with them which would work similarly to the networking. One final option would be to set up a meeting using the virtual platform


Raise your hand if you’re sick of conference calls?! Fortunately, the platform we’re hosting the Summit on brings the classic video conference experience to the next level. It offers interactive features that take the passivity out of video conferencing so you can feel like you’re there in-person.  And, your participation is vital to helps us know if you are liking the event.

First, this is what it will look like to be in a session. Then direct your attention to the red box area we highlighted.

Sessions page

Let’s check out some of the audience engaging features:


The chat tab is here to connect you with other attendees and speakers

  • Share your thoughts on the topics at hand but save your questions for the Q&A section.
  • Comment something that you found interesting.
  • Bounce ideas off each other.
  • Say hello to your peers.
  • If there is a technical error, such as the presenter is on mute or you cannot see the presentation, please let us know in the chat so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Pro Tip: You can also react without words using the emoji feature, located to the right of your chat text box. This lively feature will help bring some human emotion to the session room. Did a presenter make you smile? Did they crack a hilarious joke? Let them know! It’s eerily quiet on their end, and they want to know if you’re liking the presentation. We encourage you to provide them feedback with an emoji – they’ll appreciate it!

Emoji keyboard

While presenters and moderators will be monitoring the chat, this feature is not meant for attendee questions, but don’t worry – there’s a tab for that!


Got a question? The Q&A tab allows you to connect with presenters. Simply click on the “Q&A” tab, enter your question into the text box at the bottom of your screen, and click “Submit.” Your presenter will either answer your question during or at the end of the presentation, or they may submit a written response to your question within the Q&A tab.


If the presenter creates a poll, it will appear in the “Polls” tab. You will receive a notification when this happens in the form of a small green dot above the Polls tab, so be sure to keep a lookout!


The “people” tab, located between the “Polls” and “Q&A” tabs, is where you can view your fellow session attendees. If you click on an individual person, you can chat directly with them separately from the group.

If you’re not feeling like an Accelevents expert just yet, don’t worry. We will be releasing a video tutorial that you can reference as a guide.


More Than Just Sessions



As an attendee of the 2020 Naviant Summit, you’ll get the chance to win some fantastic door prizes, including an iPad Air, a Microsoft Surface Go 2, a Microsoft Surface Pro, an Amazon gift card, and a pass to attend Hyland CommunityLIVE 2020/2021 or the ABBYY Annual Conference 2020/2021.

The Inaugural Naviant Innovation Award

This year, you’ll notice a new tradition to the Naviant Summit: The Naviant Innovation Award. This special title will go to a Naviant customer who has implemented a Digital Transformation solution using the Hyland OnBase platform, Brainware, or ABBYY, in an exceptionally creative, innovative way. The 2020 winner will be announced in Wednesday’s General Session: Innovation Award and Getting the Most Out of Your SLA at 9:00 AM CDT. The winner will give a short presentation sharing details about their solution.

Learn What’s New with The Latest Tech

At the 2019 Naviant Summit, we announced OnBase Foundation, and so much has happened since then in the Hyland world. Colleen Alber, Hyland Product Evangelist, is giving a presentation on What’s New in OnBase, which will disclose the most exciting enhancements in OnBase Foundation Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4), and more.

Additionally, since we last gathered, Naviant began exploring the world of ABBYY products as well as Kryon Robotic Process Automation. We’re excited to show you what these powerful technologies can do for your digital strategy. Visit our Agenda to view all the different sessions we’re offering on the topic of OnBase, Brainware, ABBYY, and Kryon. You’re bound to learn something new.

2019 Naviant Summit attendee, Kurt Koeff of National Insurance Services spoke on his enjoyment of this aspect of the Summit, saying, “As we know, things change fast in this industry and it’s always kind of hard to keep up with it. So, I always lean heavily on Naviant for the knowledge, their ability to keep me up-to-date with things, and help lend a hand whenever I have questions.”

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn, connect, and discover paths forward in this post-COVID world. If you haven’t yet, you can register here.

We hope to see you there!

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