Mark your calendars – Naviant’s biggest event of the year, the 26th annual Naviant Summit, is coming this May 24th & 25th. This free interactive event is packed with opportunities to learn, connect, and get inspired to accelerate your digital transformation and advance your digital strategy.

This year, the Naviant Summit will be virtual, plus an optional in-person social meet-up for networking fun. We’re excited to once again offer an easy-to-navigate, engaging event experience using the Accelevents platform.

Whether you’re new to OnBase or a seasoned pro, you will find value at the Naviant Summit. There’s plenty to learn, from exploring new solutions to increasing your knowledge base and discovering new ways to optimize your current solutions.

Let’s explore five exciting features of this year’s event that make it a must-see experience.

Inside the Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 2022 Naviant Summit

  1. Insightful Sessions for All (Plus - Our Session Recommendations)
  2. Learn From Your Peers
  3. Industry-Specific Sessions
  4. Get The Latest in Digital Transformation and How to Apply It Strategically
  5. Discover the Newest Features, Functionalities, and Enhancements from the Experts

Why Attend the Naviant Summit


1. Insightful Sessions for All

There’s something for everyone at the Naviant Summit, regardless of your experience level. We’ve got a wide variety of illuminating sessions that will pique your interest.

Check out our session recommendations to make every minute count:

For Everyone:

  • Customer Stories & Updates from Naviant
  • Optional In-Person Social Event (NY, WI, UT, & CA)
  • Leverage Your Investments: OnBase Integration with Salesforce
  • The Great & Powerful Wizard of AP!
  • Raise Your Process IQ
  • Finally – The Robots are Here to Help!
  • Intro to Nuxeo (DAM)

“As we know, things change fast in this industry and it’s always hard to keep up. So, I always lean heavily on Naviant for the knowledge, their ability to keep me up-to-date with things and help lend a hand whenever I have questions.” -Kurt Koeff, National Insurance Services

For Our Customers:

  • Get Ready to Upgrade: What’s New with OnBase
  • Don’t Jeopardize Your HR Transformation
  • Maximize the Value of WorkView: The Power of Workflow, Forms, and Reporting Dashboards
  • Get on Cloud Nine: Top Benefits of Moving to the Cloud
  • Naviant Managed Services

“Attending the Naviant conference really allows me to work with the other people in my market and surrounding areas that are going through a lot of the same growth and issues that we are going through.” -Joshua Lyons, Exact Sciences

If You’re New:

  • OnBase 101: Introduction to the Platform
  • Digital Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
  • Introduction to Workflow: Automating Processes with OnBase to Empower Your Distributed Workforce
  • Re-think Your Document Centric Processes to Win in the “Age of the Customer”
  • Promote Continuous Improvement with Reporting Dashboards
  • Intelligent Capture: More Than Just Your Grandparents’ OCR

“As a future Naviant customer, I enjoyed learning more about it before starting OnBase.” -Naviant Summit Attendee

Keep in mind these suggestions are simply a starting point to help you build your personalized Summit experience. For more details on these sessions and even more content, take a look at our official agenda.

2. Learn From Your Peers

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from other organizations in your industry that have “been there, done that.” In this year’s sessions, you’ll get to hear from a variety of current Naviant customers, including Wis-Pak, Jostens, and Utica National Insurance (just to name a few) on how they’re using their solutions and their plans for further transformation and expansion. Plus, they’ll share what it’s like to partner with us.

In addition to regular sessions, you’ll get to hear from the finalists of the 2022 Innovation Award in Tuesday’s Afternoon General Session hosted by Ed Modjeska from Naviant at 12:30 PM CDT . These organizations will share their Intelligent Automation or Digital Transformation solution. The 2022 winner will be announced in Wednesday’s Afternoon General Session at 12:30 PM CDT . The winner will give a short presentation sharing details about their solution.

Apply Now: The 2022 Innovation Award
Apply Now: The 2022 Innovation Award

Does your organization outshine the rest? There’s still time to nominate your solution for this year’s Innovation Award! All you have to do is fill out the short form linked below. We can’t wait to hear your story.

Apply Now

3. Industry-Specific Sessions

We’re excited to offer special industry-specific sessions that address the unique challenges your industries and departments face. Dig deeper into ways to use and expand your solution that will benefit your organization specifically. Check out for the following sessions:

  • Why Tribal Governments are Using OnBase to Streamline Processing & Better Serve Members
  • Government Industry Session
  • Higher Education Industry Session

4. Get The Latest in Digital Transformation and How to Apply It Strategically

Whether you’re new to Digital Transformation or have been honing your digital strategy for years, the Naviant Summit may help you look at your digital evolution with fresh eyes through exposure to new ideas and technology.

We’re excited to offer a variety of sessions covering new technologies to enhance your digital strategy. If you’re a subscriber to the Digital Transformation Trends newsletter or an avid viewer of the Digital Transformation Talks series on YouTube, you’ll recognize some of the topics we’re covering, like:

Regardless of your knowledge level of these topics, you’ll leave with a better understanding of what they are and how they can help you reach your goals.

5. Discover the Newest Features, Functionalities, and Enhancements from the Experts

We’re welcoming experts in Hyland Software and ABBYY to share their knowledge at this year’s event. You’ll hear from them on solution best practices, what’s new, and what’s on the horizon.

OnBase users won’t want to miss the great Hyland Product Evangelist, Colleen Alber, present the latest in OnBase EP5. Scott Dwyer, VP from Hyland Software will also reveal insights into Hyland’s bigger picture vision and roadmap for the future. We’ll even hear from ABBYY’s Bill Galusha on the latest in ABBYY technology and how it helps organizations meet today’s customer demands.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get inspired to solve your business process challenges and shape your digital evolution at this year’s Naviant Summit. If you haven’t yet, you can register here.

We hope to see you there!

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