Utica National Insurance Group Honored with 2022 Innovation Award by Naviant

NEW HARTFORD, NY; SYRACUSE, N.Y.; VERONA, WI.; ROSEVILLE, CA.; MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH; OREM, UT — May 25th, 2022 — Utica National Insurance Group, a top 100 nationally recognized insurer that provides personal and commercial insurance products and services to its customers, headquartered in New Hartford, NY, was honored by Naviant Inc Wednesday morning at the 2022 Naviant Summit for its outstanding achievements in Digital Transformation. Utica National Insurance Group was awarded the 2022 Innovation Award and recognized for the creative and highly successful innovative uses of its OnBase document management solution.

The criteria for the prestigious Innovation Award are based on how the solution has changed the way the organization does business, the return on investment, and the extent to which the organization is using the solution to meet broader organizational goals. Additionally, the award’s criteria consider the level of innovation and creativity present in the organization’s development, use, and vision for the solution.

Utica National Insurance Group, a leading expert in the personal & commercial insurance industry, committed to providing its customers with reliable, excellent service when they need it most, was awarded for its creative, impactful use of the OnBase intelligent process automation solution. Before implementing OnBase, the company’s Claims Department relied on an imaging system with very basic workflow abilities, which required considerable manual intervention. The company was also using a core document software system in tandem with another imaging platform. Together, the systems came with a hefty price tag between licensing and maintenance.

Today, OnBase has become the backbone for Utica National Insurance Group’s claims department’s document and workflow (FNOL) management. This solution, supplemented with ShareBase and Content Composer Module (CCM), have supported the company in its journey to modernize the overall claims management process. CCM has specifically given the company the flexibility to modify and personalize letters, which has resulted in a great adjuster and customer experience.

On the difference the solutions have made, James Shaver, Claims Technology Program Manager at Utica National Insurance Group, said, “The implementation of the core product (OnBase) and CCM has drastically increased the efficiency and efficacy of the Claims Department.” Of some of the most significant benefits, he remarked, “The reporting dashboards feature has provided insights into inefficiencies and allowed us to further improve our process of queue breakouts and/or roles and groups, and automating the intake and indexing of documents from multiple vendors has reduced the time to get the right document to the right person and reduced operational overhead.” Siddhartha Agrawal, Portfolio Manager at Utica National Insurance Group added that the installation of OnBase has, “Streamlined our vendor integrations and simplified our infrastructure maintenance processes and helped to strengthen the already strong partnership between IT and the Claims Organization.”

“We are very excited to be awarding the 2022 Innovation Award to Utica National Insurance Group in recognition of their continued proven ability to find new ways to utilize and optimize their solutions,” said Michael Carr, President & CEO of Naviant. “Naviant is proud to support Utica National Insurance Group’s initiatives and views them as a shining example of digital transformation excellence to inspire all organizations striving for innovative change.”

Looking to the future, Utica National Insurance Group is looking to further modernize and enhance its current setup’s experience. It plans to do so by utilizing the additional offerings of OnBase, like maximizing advanced capture, expanding on their solution’s Web API capabilities, and integrating OnBase with their modern claims management platform to maximize the synergy and benefits across the two.

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