Addresses healthcare organizations challenges of doing more with their existing MEDITECH system to meet “meaningful use” criteria – at a price they can afford

CLEVELAND – Jan. 21, 2010 – The recent “meaningful use” definition has made technology top of mind for healthcare providers. And for those with the MEDITECH healthcare information system (HIS), these new requirements put a focus on old challenges. The system is their single source for almost everything – it’s good at managing patient information, as well as data in administrative areas like accounts payable. But what it can’t do is handle the paper-based content that’s also needed for those processes – and critical in making the patient record effective and “meaningful.” Usually smaller in size with limited IT staffs and budgets, MEDITECH users need an affordable, easy-to-manage solution to bring them into compliance. To answer their challenges, Hyland Software developed the OnBase for MEDITECH solution, a specific product based on one of the top ranked enterprise content management (ECM) software suites for the healthcare market.

“Many hospitals are well on their way to managing patient data with some kind of technology,” said Susan deCathelineau, healthcare manager for Hyland Software. “But now there’s a clear need to be able to manage the 25 percent of content – physician notes, EKGs, consent forms – that exists outside of that technology. With that in mind, we took what we learned from the Valco Data Systems acquisition and its product to develop the OnBase for MEDITECH solution.”

OnBase for MEDITECH allows providers to keep all their processes and content – from MEDITECH and elsewhere – in one place. This results in:

  • A more complete, accurate and accessible patient record
  • Automated processes across the organization, such as in accounts payable, for maximum staff productivity
  • An integrated technology environment, making it easier for users to navigate and get the most “meaningful use” out of their systems

“In many instances, MEDITECH is the right technology to handle our data,” said Dimitri Cruz, CIO of Bayonne Medical Center in Bayonne, New Jersey. “But the push to meet ‘meaningful use’ forced us to realize that it’s not enough – we needed ECM. The technology is critical in today’s healthcare environment. It brings together data and paper-based content to not only create a more complete patient record, but also to help us work smarter in administrative departments. By going with the OnBase for MEDITECH solution, we’re getting more out of our current system and meeting the federal government’s standards – and all for a third of the cost of upgrading MEDITECH.”