An employee flags you down to let you know they don’t have access to a specific important document and they need it by the end of the day. You assure them that you’ll make it a priority.  

But this isn’t even the first request like this you’ve gotten today. You don’t even want to think about how much this will set your productivity back for the day. No matter – you shrug and start your document hunt. 

This is the familiar reality of HR professionals whose HCM systems hold all critical employee files that follow staff members throughout their employee lifecycle. And let’s face it, this isn’t the most efficient or convenient setup for the employees. Fortunately, OnBase can turn the car around. 

Integrating your HCM with OnBase can make life easier for you and your staff through 5 benefits we will explore in this article. Then, we’ll take a deep dive into the top two HCM integrations offered for OnBase: SAP SuccessFactors and Hyland for Workday Extend. 

5 Ways Integrating Your HCM with OnBase Optimizes HR 

1. Streamline Your Workflow 

You have plenty of tasks to attend to as an HR professional. The last thing you want to take time out of your day for is chasing down documents for employees. Whether that requires application hopping (or the dreaded filing cabinet), it disrupts your workflows and takes valuable time.  

Fortunately, integrating OnBase with your HCM delegates this task to your employees directly. This way, your employees acquire the information they need faster, and your workload just became less overwhelming. Storing your documents digitally can also put remote or hybrid work models on the table for you and your HR team.  

2. Ensure Compliance and Secure Storage 

As an HR professional, you’re in charge of keeping high volumes of sensitive information secure and organized. The best strategy: integrating your HCM with OnBase. Storing your essential documents in OnBase ensures compliance and secure document storage in a single central repository. Better yet, you can trust that it’s safe since it’s backed by OnBase retention and government processes. 

3. Enhance the Employee Experience and Productivity 

Each employee has a long list of critical unstructured content that accompanies them throughout their employee lifecycle. When you integrate your HCM with OnBase, employees get a complete view of all their documents alongside their records within the HCM. As a result, being able to access this information easily when they need to can be a huge productivity gain. By making it easier for employees to manage their relationships with their employers, this integration also enhances the employee experience. And when you cut document chasing from your to-do list, you can spend more time strengthening individual relationships, and the impact that can have on an employee’s experience and sense of appreciation can’t be understated. 

4. Maximize Your HCM ROI 

By allowing your users to perform all HR file management functions directly within your HCM, you can expect to maximize your investment in your HCM.  

5. Enable Remote or Hybrid Work Models 

If you’re like many of your HR peers, you’d probably like to have the flexibility of a remote or hybrid work model. You’re not the only one, either: Highly engaged employees value their access to information and the ability to collaborate with their peers from wherever they choose to work.  

According to Forrester’s 2022 report, 62% of organization leaders expect to see a higher permanent rate of full-time remote work. At this point, flexible work offerings are becoming a key retention and talent acquisition strategy. But the success of this shift will rely on the flow of content and communication. The good news is that integrating your HCM with OnBase is an excellent start since it enables information sharing. 

A Deeper Dive into 2 OnBase HCM Integrations: SAP SuccessFactors and Hyland for Workday Extend 

Let’s look at how two of the top OnBase HCM integrations enhance the user experience and improve HR processes from the interfaces you already know. (Plus, watch until the end of the video below to see both integrations in action.)


SAP SuccessFactors

The OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors breaks down your content silos and accelerates HR processes by conveniently placing content management capabilities directly in your SAP SuccessFactors user interface. This allows staff to capture and view employee documents, upload and store content within OnBase, and perform document tasks via workflows.

What You Gain:

  • You’ll enjoy better efficiency since it allows you to spend less time chasing paper.
  • Its integrated document capture, workflow, and retention management capabilities help you manage files with greater accuracy.
  • You reduce your security risk since all employee information is stored strictly within OnBase.
  • Your employee file governance will increase since OnBase enables SAP SuccessFactors users to access the content they need when they need it. And since you gain OnBase’s effective content management and retention and governance, you can avoid fines and privacy violations.
  • You can skip to the benefits sooner, thanks to SAP SuccessFactors’ simplified deployment that doesn’t rely heavily on IT. An administrator can configure the integration with an API-level connectivity to SuccessFactors, and they can even tailor specific fields to your business’s unique needs, giving you a modern, personalized user experience.

Hyland for Workday Extend

If you rely on a Workday solution as your HCM, you’ll enjoy a host of similar gains to the ones we’ve already explored. Workday Extend is a cloud-based solution that allows you to build, deploy, and manage new business capabilities for your HR department. Then, every app you develop is accessed from your Workday home screen or dashboard, so it’s easy to start using.

What You Gain:

  • You’ll unlock a more consistent user experience since you won’t have to leave your Workday solution to locate information in another application or unfamiliar content storage platform.
  • You can access documents from anywhere with mobile access via Workday’s cloud platform.
  • Its easy capture functionality enables users to capture documents in Workday with minimal clicks. After they do so, they can also quickly add metadata to support a variety of retrieval options.
  • You can save money, as the solution helps cut costs for ongoing maintenance and support by allowing users to manage content directly within their Workday applications.
  • Employees will experience more intuitive, easy access to information and the tools they need to process information at any stage of their employee lifecycle, anytime, anywhere.
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Want to Expand your OnBase Knowledge?

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Create a Better Digital Experience for You and Your Employees

Integrating your HCM with OnBase won’t just help you make the most out of your investment. It’ll also make you and your employees’ work lives easier and boost your document security.  

If you’d like to learn more about securing either of these integrations for yourself, drop a question or comment in the chat below – we’d love to hear from you. 

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