OnBase account locked? No worries, encountering a locked user account or a forgotten password is a common scenario in any OnBase system admin’s day. But the good news is that it’s quite easy to solve this problem and get your users back on track within OnBase in no time.

Check out the video below and this blog to get a step-by-step guide to unlocking a user and resetting their password in OnBase.

How to Unlock a User and Reset Their Password in OnBase

7 Steps to Unlock a User and Reset Their Password in OnBase

Step 1: Launch OnBase Configuration

Begin by launching your OnBase Configuration using your credentials. This is your control center for user management and system settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Users

Once in, head over to the ‘Users’ tab and select ‘Usernames/Passwords’.

Step 3: Locate the User

Search for the user by clicking on the list and typing their name into the search bar. Select the ‘Settings’ button in the top right of the window to proceed with the password update.

Step 4: Update the Password

Choose a temporary generic password and check the box “require a password change on the next login.” This ensures security and prompts the user to personalize their new password. Click ‘Save.’ A box will pop up asking if you want the user to be required to log back in if they were still connected to OnBase, and select ‘Yes.’

Step 5: Unlock the User

With the password set, it’s time to unlock the user account. After you clicked ‘Save,’ it should’ve taken you back to the ‘User Names & Passwords’ window. Click on the list once again and start typing the user’s name into the search bar. When you see it pop up, highlight the user’s name and select the ‘Unlock User’ button, which is located on the right side of the window about 5 buttons down from the top. And with that, the account is now accessible. Close the window.

Step 6: Reset the Cache

For the changes to take effect immediately, navigate to ‘Utils’ in the top ribbon of OnBase, then ‘Service Monitoring’, hit ‘Reset Cache’, and click “OK.” This refreshes the system and applies your updates. You can then close OnBase Configuration.

Step 7: Re-Login Attempt

Ask the user to log back into the Unity Client. They should be prompted to reset their password and, upon completion, regain full access to their account.

And there you have it, a seamless process to restore user access in OnBase.

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Want to Expand your OnBase Knowledge?

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