Hyland strives to keep the OnBase and other applications up to date with 3rd party software as much as possible. However, because technology in both hardware and software is constantly changing and being upgraded, it can be difficult at best to keep OnBase working smoothly with all other 3rd party applications, including Operating Systems. This is currently true with Microsoft Windows 10, specifically the 20H2 update released in October of 2020.

The Bottom Line First – Is This Version Compatible?

Cutting to the heart of the issue, the current review of Windows 10 version 20H2 is that no, it is not compatible with versions of OnBase from 17 and earlier. Looking at the Hyland 3rd Party Compatibility List on Community, we can see that testing for Windows 10 version up to the May 2020 update included backward support starting with OnBase 15 SP1. As of July 14, 2021, Windows 10 20H2 (October 2020 update) is only compatible with OnBase 18 and later.


Note: the last column shows what version of OnBase this is supported through, and the second last column shows what version of OnBase it was first compatible with.

This does not mean that all previous versions of Windows are not compatible or that they will not function – you may already be on this version of Windows 10 and have not noticed any issues. Compatibility issues may arise with only certain licenses or functionality, in which case your implementation of OnBase may be unaffected by Microsoft Windows compatibility issues.

However, what it does mean is that if there are issues that arise, Hyland will be unable to support the solution until an upgrade to a supported version is complete.

When Will This Information Be Updated?

Hyland has stated that they are targeting compatibility testing for Microsoft Windows to be complete within the 6-month timeframe of when new updates are released. This coincides with Microsoft’s current 6-month rotation plan for their OS updates; Hyland has stated they are “taking steps internally at Hyland to turn this compatibility around faster and outside the normal OnBase release cycle for future releases.”

What Can I Do If This Is Impacting Our OnBase Version?

If you are experiencing issues, one step that will likely be required is to replicate the issue in an environment with an earlier version of Windows 10. This would rule out the OS being the issue. If it does prove to be the OS causing the problem, currently the only solution available would be to downgrade the Windows OS to an earlier, compatible and supported, version.

Additional Resources

Additional information can be found on the Hyland Community site at:

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