If you and your IT team have been feeling crunched under a backlog of OnBase projects lately, you’re not alone.

It’s all too common these days for IT teams to be short-staffed and without the resources needed to keep up with their rapidly growing list of demands and backlog of projects. Even if your budget allows for a talent search, it can be tough to find qualified applicants, so it’s far from a quick fix.

The new solution: Bringing on managed services. This partnership gives you access to a wide pool of experts who are experienced in solutions like OnBase and ABBYY.

As a result, your team will have the additional support they need to get caught up on your backlog of projects so they feel happy and fulfilled at work, not overextended. Let’s dive into 3 examples of how managed services can help you manage your OnBase project backlog.

3 Ways Managed Services Can Help You Manage Your OnBase Project Backlog

1. Pick Up Where You Left Off

One scenario where a project pile-up will inevitably follow is when a skilled IT employee leaves the company. If it’s without much warning, it’s even worse. You’re left with dozens of open projects and issues that require specialized knowledge, but finding suitable replacements can be time-consuming. This is where bringing in managed services can be extremely helpful, as one of our customers, an insurance company, discovered.

This customer experienced the sudden departure of their OnBase Admin, which resulted in a backlog of requests and ongoing projects. Naviant Managed Services provided a skilled IT expert who seamlessly picked up where the admin left off. They also successfully implemented all pending requests, including major tasks like an environment refresh and upgrade. In addition, one of our consultants also contributed to the effort by ensuring that the requests were well-defined and offering innovative approaches to improve efficiency.

2. Day-to-Day Operations Support

Another force that adds to the project pile-up: system issues.

Many IT teams are so overloaded with responsibilities that it’s hard to consistently stay on top of proactive system monitoring. And that leads to escalated issues that take even more time from you chipping away at your project pile.

Managed services can help you “keep the lights on” by managing the ongoing maintenance and support of OnBase systems. For one, Managed services can provide after-hours and on-call support, which is a massive value add for organizations that operate around the clock or have users in different time zones.

Managed services can also take over production break/fix issues, resolve production issues as they arise, and perform proactive system monitoring. This includes facilitating collaboration with other teams for integrations inside and outside of OnBase and developing reports and dashboards to stay ahead of production issues. As a result, you can prevent budding problems from escalating and, in many cases, prevent problems from happening in the first place.

3. Enhancement Project Management

As your OnBase users get increasingly used to the platform, they will likely throw new enhancement ideas at you. Soon, organizations often find themselves with a pile of enhancement requests and insufficient time.

Managed services can help you manage your list of backlog of enhancement requests and stay ahead of it. They can step in to help:

  1. Define the scope of enhancement requests
  2. Prioritize them based on business impact
  3. Systematically implement them

This way, you can rest easy knowing that requests aren’t piling up anymore. They’re being taken care of proactively, so your solution keeps evolving. All the while, your users feel valued and heard and your in-house admins have the time freed up to focus on other strategic initiatives: That’s wins all around.

Make the Most of Your Solution

By addressing both the day-to-day operational needs and the strategic enhancement of your OnBase system, managed services can ensure that your organization can not only keep up with your solution’s maintenance but use it to its fullest potential.

How Naviant's Managed Services Keeps the Lights On, Plus Other Benefits

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