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Click Bond has been an innovative presence in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years, and is known for its adhesive-bonded fastening solutions that drive the competitive advantage of its clients.
Carson City, NV
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The Client

Click Bond has built a reputation for doing difficult things quickly and efficiently. What exactly does it take to put together some of the most technologically advanced machines on the planet? Click Bond, an innovative presence in the manufacturing industry since 1987, has the answer. At one time, most aircrafts used rivets and bolts to fasten each component together. Click Bond saw room for improvement in this practice, so they developed their signature advanced adhesive technologies. These devices provide a connection solution that effectively replace the old bolt and rivet configurations, providing products that are lighter, faster to install, easier to maintain, and contribute to greater fuel efficiency. The technologies that Click Bond provides are moving beyond aerospace applications to dominate new markets, including becoming new favorites in the plumbing and electrician sectors. But in the midst of Click Bond’s continued growth and dedication to client efficiency, their own operational efficiency faced a major obstacle: paper.

Mountains of Paper

Unfortunately, while Click Bond excelled with creating cutting-edge technology, they were severely boggled down by paper. Each day, they tackled an avalanche of paper forms that sometimes amounted to over 7,000. These documents included certifications, quality assurance tests, and raw materials lists. Administrators first had to process these documents, then they were locked in a digital legacy solution to maintain security. But Click Bond faced more problems than simply paper overabundance. The files were difficult to navigate, and the system performed its searches very slowly. Click Bond was beyond their area of expertise, so they called Naviant to help them solve their processing inefficiencies.

Finding the Fix

Naviant and Click Bond worked together to address all the pain points in their processes and determined that a tailored OnBase solution was the answer. Naviant helped Click Bond to design and implement their highly secure OnBase solution that resulted in a big win. As the dynamic system received new documents, it accurately attached and indexed information that automatically made it searchable. The new Naviant implementation accomplished several critical outcomes which were beyond initial expectations. A few of those benefits included a significant reduction in the time and resources required for routine maintenance, as well as outstanding security protocols.

Expanding the Solution

Beyond these initial measures, solution expansion is on the horizon for Click Bond. 7,000 documents per day is a significant undertaking, and yet, Click Bond expects it to increase beyond 10,000 by the end of the year. And thanks to OnBase, Click Bond is fully prepared for this next step. Click Bond is extremely pleased with the performance of its OnBase solution in its current implementation location that they’re planning to expand it to other areas within their organization. Some of the document-heavy departments under consideration for this transformation are shipping invoices and packing slips, finance, and even human resources.

At Naviant, we’re happy to help keep Click Bond’s document strategies together, while Click Bond continues to engineer and innovate ways to keep the machines in our lives connected.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding security protocols
  • Saves significant time for processing and maintenance
  • Fewer resources necessary for routine system maintenance
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