Are you an SAP customer? Many of our clients are, so we’ve become well acquainted with this integration, even achieving Hyland’s SAP Integration Competency Status for our expertise in implementing it.

SAP customers have many options to automate Accounts Payable operations.  As organizations adjust to the “new normal” of managing remote operations and securing business continuity, selecting an easy-to-use and easy-to-support solution has never been more important!

Hyland Software integration solutions for SAP deliver a full range of enterprise-class, SAP-certified, secure document management, process automation, and optical character recognition capabilities. With OnBase and Brainware integrations for SAP, organizations can dramatically reduce operating costs and improve staff productivity:

  • Reduce the cost of storing & maintaining documents
  • Directly link transactional data in SAP to related content like vendor invoices or contracts
  • Automate manual processes that rely on information from SAP including data entry & approval routing
  • Improve invoice processing times & achieve quantifiable ROI

Check out this informative webinar Connect your SAP Data to Business Content & Processes to best achieve these key strategies:

  • Empower employees to work smarter with SAP ArchiveLink integration
  • Eliminate manual data entry with intelligent capture & instant data exchange
  • Transform & accelerate business processes with workflow automation
  • Ensure business continuity & staff productivity from their “new normal” environments (SAP, email, mobile)

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