You have questions about enterprise content management (ECM). “What is ECM?” “What can ECM do?” “Can ECM really help me save time and money? Everyone says their ECM content management solution will save them time and money.” “And everyone says they do the same thing.”

Our ECM Solution Guide is easy to read, simple to navigate, and walks you through the basics, from the different types of ECM through the benefits of implementing a carefully considered, strategic solution. It’s designed to fortify your research and strengthen your understanding of what a smart ECM solution can provide. We nail the basics, give you a lot to think about and help you move to the next level: building your ECM solution.

And when you’re ready to move on, Business Process & ECM experts at Naviant can help you navigate through your entire ECM journey.

What is Covered in Guide to Understanding ECM

  • Understanding the Three Types of ECM
    • What is Web Content Management?
    • What is Collaborative Content Management?
    • Transactional Content Management
  • Why Do I Need ECM?
    • Do You Have Too Much Paper?
    • Are You Losing Track of Documents?
    • Employees Engaged in Low-Value Tasks?
    • Do You Have Too Many Versions of Critical Documents?
    • Compliance Keeping You Up at Night?
  • ECM Building Blocks
    • Business Process Management
    • Document Imaging
    • Document Management
    • Records Management
    • Software Integrations
    • Workflow
  • What Benefits Should I Expect from My ECM Solution?
    • Saving Time: The business of highly-effective employees
    • Saving Money: How ECM translates into ROI

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