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Insurer sheds paper and moves toward digital future


The Challenge

Relying on paper was making things difficult for Guarantee Trust Life (GTL). If someone needed a file the organization had sent to storage, not only would it be difficult to find, but pages might be mixed up. And, it was starting to affect customer service.

With hundreds of filing cabinets and delayed processing times, the organization’s leaders decided it was time to move toward a paperless environment.

The Solution

So, in 2014, GTL worked with Naviant, an authorized OnBase solution provider, to achieve its goal of paperless processes by using OnBase in its Claims department. With OnBase, the insurer automatically scans documentation as it comes in the door and stores it in a single, central location. Instead of searching through dusty filing cabinets or waiting for couriers to deliver files from storage spaces, the insurer makes information instantly available to 206 users across the enterprise.

Further optimizing the claims process, workflow automatically forwards complete and accurate claims packages to keep work moving, while flagging incomplete or inaccurate packages. It also automatically notifies everyone as it does so, keeping stakeholders in the loop. This provides much needed visibility into the process.

“Before OnBase, our biggest complaint was the inability to find files. If the file you were looking for was in storage, you knew the process was going to be delayed,” said Lesley Hanslope, Vice President of Claims.

Now, everything employees need to keep work moving is at their fingertips – which greatly improves customer service. Instead of asking customers to wait, users access documents and information from OnBase without leaving LifePro screens, making life simple and questions easy to answer.

Going forward, GTL will continue to roll OnBase out across the enterprise. Next up is Policyholder Services, a project which is already underway.

The Difference

Streamlines the claims process: Integrating systems with OnBase, GTL saves time and reduces errors by auto-populating documents. It also automatically synchronizes system statuses, so staff has more time to focus on higher-value tasks.

By removing paper and manual processes, GTL reduced pending inventory by 5,000 claims.

Enhances customer service: With information instantly available to users, employees are able to respond faster to questions or actions, keeping the process moving.

Decreases costs: By decreasing its dependency on paper, GTL saves $15,000 annually on office supplies – a 16 percent reduction that the insurer continues to reduce. GTL also no longer pays for shipping, storage and P.O. boxes.

Increases visibility: Before OnBase, GTL’s biggest complaint was management’s inability to see or be aware of current inventory. Now, management has instant access to see where claims are in the process, so it makes decisions based on what’s really happening instead of relying on historical averages.

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