Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT) is an underutilized module of OnBase. DKT assists organizations with the storage, distribution, tracking, complying, and version control of vital business policies and procedures.

Your OnBase platform securely stores business processes and documents that mandate employee acknowledgment. Here, you can add them to a specific Reading Group giving you full control to manage who needs to view which documents.

Through Reading Groups, DKT facilitates the distribution of required reading materials. Next, it tracks compliance when a user acknowledges they have read required documents. We all know that reading doesn’t necessarily mean understanding and acknowledging doesn’t necessarily mean read; so OnBase offers the ability to test user’s comprehension of the content through questions you create. After the user has demonstrated comprehension, you can set the DKT documents to reference making them easy and fast for the end users to find in the future.

As a result, Document Knowledge Transfer keeps your organization in compliance with external regulations (i.e. ISO, SOX, HIPAA, etc.) by providing traceable documented proof of knowledge distribution and acknowledgment by users.

The truth is, you occasionally need to update policies, procedures, and other important knowledge. Fortunately, the OnBase version controls provide a seamless way for the updated documents to be distributed to the users for acknowledgment.

Specifically, this video demonstrates how you can create a systematic and automated approach to sharing critical business and compliance information that will take an often-maddening and laborious task to a few easy clicks to complete. This automated distribution of critical business content with important compliance integrations makes this webinar a must-see for all customers.

Naviant Tiered Support Level Agreements (SLA) Review

Additionally, we include a brief spotlight feature for all of our customers who currently take advantage of our Tiered Support Level Agreements (SLA). We highlight all of the benefits included in an SLA. Additionally, we cover this uniquely Naviant approach to providing excellent service and support to our customers. Our SLA’s include a FREE annual audit of your OnBase Solution and discounted rates on future implementations. Additionally, they even include free blocks of hours that can be leveraged to best meet your needs.

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