OnBase Integration for Salesforce empowers your organization to strengthen business relationships with instant access to critical documents. Salesforce is a critical component of managing your customer or vendor relationships, but your staff needs more than just data to make the best, most informed business decisions. This means your staff must frequently search for information in a variety of places, including physical files and cabinets, email inboxes, or confusing network drives.

The OnBase Integration for Salesforce helps to digitize your workplace with Hyland’s industry-leading content management abilities. It also provides instant access to the critical information that you need along with the corresponding Salesforce records. Users are also able to import, view, and retrieve electronic documents and content directly from their Salesforce screens. The seamless integration also can easily scale across departments and business processes, while also checking all the necessary boxes for document security and retention.

You can also use the OnBase Integration for Salesforce to access related documents and content directly from Salesforce. With this system, documents are stored centrally on one secure digital platform. This eliminates the need to manually search through disparate systems for relevant information. Instead of spending time looking through paper files or network drives, your staff can locate related documents right away. These documents could include invoices, bills, or contracts, all which they can discover within a few simple clicks.

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