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Losses happen, and when they do, your customers deserve the highest-quality service as quickly as possible. OnBase OnSite is a claims collaboration platform that can enable insurance organizations to document, inspect, and review claims in real-time or asynchronously from any location. Out mobile solutions conveniently support workflows ranging from customer collaboration and self-service to professional onsite loss inspection.

This solution allows you to deliver excellent customer service from FNOL. It does this by enabling insurance field staff, customers, or contractors to collaborate with customer support representatives, claims adjusters, or underwriters. And the entire process happens in real-time so that you can record live video, voice, and photos of the inspection site. OnBase OnSite also makes it easy for you to upload these recordings and other relevant documents to the solution’s web portal. As a result, adjusters get instant access to all of this content in a secure location.

How OnBase OnSite Works:

It covers every possible inspection workflow

OnBase OnSite can cover every possible inspection workflow by combining live and offline video collaboration. At the same time, it offers a variety of other beneficial features that function to accelerate the documentation process. This software also features claims handling tools that are for both customer self-service and professional field-loss documentation.

Before OnBase OnSite, you had to leave the office to see a loss for yourself. OnSite solves this problem by offering a suite of customer-focused mobile solutions. These solutions allow policyholders and inside adjusters to collaborate using live video and photo capture. They can also work together using guided offline self-service that features on-screen instructions.

OnSite provides end-to-end loss inspection and claims management tools for your field resources. From creation and assignment to inspection and upload, your outside teams finally have the resources to collaborate, document, and close claims at a rapid rate.

OnBase OnSite Benefits:

  • Decrease inspection costs, with up to $400 saved per inspection.
  • Increase adjuster efficiency, with a 50% increase in adjuster inspection capacity per week.
  • Decrease claims costs and cycle times. Specifically, OnSite can reduce real-time video collaboration capabilities inspections to 2-3 days.

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