Unity Forms and their new functions and features have a lot to offer. Here, the Naviant Support Team demonstrates some of that incredible power they possess. As you watch the demo, feel free to bring to mind all of the issues that you and your team experience that unity forms may remedy. We hope to compel you to replace those custom HTML forms. Electronic forms that easily collect critical data from end users has been a staple in virtually all solutions. Historically, these were custom coded HTML forms. Hyland realized the value of a simple point-and-click configuration electronic form. As a result, they introduced the Unity Form.

The Unity Form is over six years old now, so it isn’t exactly new. However, Hyland hasn’t stopped adding functionality to make this powerful tool simpler and more robust than ever before.

You may be familiar with this tool, but have you looked at the new features available since those old versions?

Do you know what a custom action is?

The power of custom actions opens a robust world of Unity Form functionality that is seamless to the end user. Equally important, it ensures the most accurate data is collected saving your organization time and money. The custom action is just one area we will explore in this deep dive into complex features of this tool.

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