OnBase Workflow Approval Management – Giving Business Users the Power to Make Changes in a Workflow

Your business processes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple and easy to explain. Others are elaborate and include a variety of rules and routing. The Workflow capabilities available in OnBase to automate your processes regardless of the complexity is the primary management tool.

However, workflow logic and rules need to be able to change quickly to adapt to the current business environment. A system administrator can modify the workflow to adapt to these changes. The downside is this requires someone other than the business owner to make changes. Then, changes need to go through thorough testing before deployment. All you hear is delays, delays, delays.

WAM! There’s a better solution for handling your workflows.

Workflow Approval Management (a.k.a. WAM) is a complement to OnBase Workflow. WAM allows a business process owner, rather than a system administrator, to make changes to workflow approval rules through the Unity Client interface. By giving the power to the process owner, you’re more agile and keep your processes optimized.

In this webinar:

  • Gain an understanding of how your organization can use WAM to react quickly to changes
  • See how you empower your business owners
  • Allow employees involved in the process to delegate work when they are out of the office

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