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Local government with a population of 10,000.
DeForest, WI
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Village of DeForest Testimonial

The Challenge

With a tight budget and only 53 full-time staff, completing projects was a bit of a tightrope act for the Village of DeForest, Wisconsin. The Village relies on outside contractors, ranging from IT projects to acquiring legal counsel, and prefers this approach to keep costs down.

The Village was looking for a tool that could help extend its staff’s capabilities and their budget by reducing the need for assistance from outside contractors or additional staff.

That’s when Village of DeForest turned to OnBase by Hyland.

Working with authorized OnBase solution provider, Naviant, the Village of DeForest began working to deploy OnBase throughout the Village.

The Solution


Extends Staff Skillsets through Ease of Configurability

Through automation and ease of configurability, OnBase helps the Village of DeForest overcome its budget and staffing challenges. Because OnBase doesn’t rely on custom code to configure, non-IT staff can easily create and manage workflows. This provides process automation that keeps the village from having to add new staff to accomplish more work.

"With so few employees, the expectation is staff in every role can wear a lot of hats. Being able to become a mini-master in so many areas really shows the power of OnBase."

- LuAnn Leggett, Deputy Administrator Clerk, the Village of DeForest

Provides a Flexible Enterprise Foundation to Build On

The kinds of departments throughout the Village vary greatly, but the Village of DeForest had the vision that everyone who works for the Village would use OnBase.

"A key reason we chose OnBase is because of how flexible it is. Everyone from police officers to the guys flushing out the hydrants can use it, and they do."

- LuAnn Leggett, Deputy Administrator Clerk, the Village of DeForest

The Village of DeForest wanted to deploy OnBase in every department, and within a year every single employee was using the solution.

And, because OnBase stores all of the Village’s files and information centrally in one electronic location, it allows the Village of DeForest to connect all of the departments as well. The Village is currently working towards turning every form it uses into an eform so they never have to route paper across departments again – speeding processes and cutting printing costs.

Simplifies the Hiring of Outside Contractors

With only 53 full-time staff, the Village inevitably needs to bring in outside help from time to time. With OnBase, this is now easier than ever. The Village of DeForest is able to provide outside contractors access to all necessary workflows so they can retrieve all required information and files to complete their tasks.

"We used to spend a lot of time sending documents back and forth with outside contractors via email. This saves staff a lot of time and removes the risk of missing documents that further slow work."

- LuAnn Leggett, Deputy Administrator Clerk, the Village of DeForest

The Difference


Simplifies the Agenda Management Process

“The agenda creation and management process in OnBase is much more streamlined,” explained Leggett. “It’s Window-based, so you just click to see where you are within the agenda process and make the effective changes. The Agenda To Go feature provides access to meeting packets and video to mobile devices, enabling paperless meetings and quick access to meeting information anywhere, anytime. It’s so much more user friendly.”

➞  Learn more about Agenda Management.

Seamless Integration to Accounting

OnBase Workflow integrates with our accounting software and allows for automatic approvals and simplified weekly check runs to increase cash flow.

Provides Remote Access to Village Contractors

OnBase provides remote access to the information Village of DeForest contractors require.

Increased Efficiency = Better Service

By improving staff efficiency, OnBase removes the need to bring on more employees when the workload increases. This empowers the Village to spend more of its budget on adding constituent services.

Empowers Non-IT Staff

Easy to configure, OnBase enables non-IT personnel to create and manage workflows and route information with assistance from IT. This makes work move faster, and saves the Village the trouble of bringing in outside contractors every time a necessary change pops up.

"You don’t have to be an expert to do great things with OnBase."

- LuAnn Leggett, Deputy Administrator Clerk, the Village of DeForest

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