Revolutionize Digital Service Delivery for Staff and Students

In today’s digital-first and increasingly virtual world, traditional methods of handling paper-based applications and forms prove slow and inefficient. The current global healthcare situation further highlights the need to deliver seamless digital services, especially when faculty, staff and students may be located off-campus.

Recognizing this crucial need, Hyland has partnered with Jadu to provide an integrated portal solution that enables exceptional digital services, empowering students and families to self-service from any location using their mobile, tablet or desktop devices. With a modern, public-facing portal experience, the Hyland Content Portal powered by Jadu Central seamlessly connects to Hyland’s OnBase enterprise content services platform, revolutionizing online processes and enhancing engagement.

Students benefit from multiple use cases, including admissions and financial aid applications, academic records requests and more that can be managed with forms or case management. Students can easily interact online with your institution to access or submit documents whenever and wherever they need to, reducing manual processes and increasing efficiencies while extending the value of your existing technology investments.


  • Enables online processes at the front end to reduce calls and wait times
  • Allows end users to self-service from any location on mobile, tablet or desktop devices
  • Provides 24/7 access to information stored in Hyland’s content services platform
  • Integrates directly into existing public portals and websites
  • Improves accessibility by delivering Section 508 compliance with mobile-responsive HTML5 web pages and forms


  • Admissions applications and forms
  • Financial aid applications, forms and awards information
  • Transcript and academic records requests
  • Vendor/supplier portal and accounts payable


  • Reduces manual processes and increases efficiencies by decreasing paper-based approaches and time-consuming searches for information
  • Enhances student engagement and satisfaction with a digital channel to easily submit documents, complete online forms and check workflow status from any web browser
  • Extends the value of existing technology investments, including WorkView, with easy-to-use web form creation and management to drive digital transformation initiatives

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