Hear directly from the IT Director, Jim Wildenberg, at Oneida Nation of Wisconsin on how leveraging Document Management (DM) as an organization-wide strategy has completely transformed the way Oneida does business. This is a 40 minute recording of the webinar.

Oneida Nation has saved $1.7 Million each year in retrievals and refiling costs, and another $60K annually in paper storage. Jim will discuss why it’s important to support an organization-wide strategy and solution (versus focusing on a departmental-only solution) that integrates with many of your other core systems (ERP, HR, EMR, Casino Management, Higher Ed, etc.) and is scalable as you grow.

Jim will also cover the importance of managing the difference between document management and records management. This is an important consideration, and Oneida spent the time upfront in our Paper Reduction Policy initiative to map out this difference, and put a game plan in place for managing these two areas to ensure they were handled appropriately.

Oneida launched their initiative almost 10 years ago, and has many lessons learned to share to help ensure your success and learn from our mistakes when you’re ready to take the leap into an electronic world.

Key Highlights:

  • How to Get Started
  • Why Support an Organization-wide Strategy vs. Departmental
  • Differences between Document Management & Records Management
  • Lessons Learned Along the Way

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