Overview of ABBYY Timeline Software

ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that can help you pinpoint inefficiencies throughout your organization for optimal efficiency. There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your business’ processes were not followed correctly after the fact when the problem is no longer fixable.

Even when you’re aware of a problem, it can be challenging to know precisely what or where the cause is. Are you sick of wasting time and money searching for answers and repeating mistakes? ABBYY Timeline is here to help you solve your business problems and accelerate your digital transformation for sustainable process improvement.

With this intelligent solution, you can put the information in your systems to work. It creates visual models so you can get a better view of your processes. These models make it easy to do a variety of things:

  • Analyze your processes
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Point out possible future outcomes
  • Make suggestions for potential actions

Where to Use Timeline

ABBYY Timeline can elevate business processes across many industries including, but not limited to, Insurance, Accounts Payable, RPA, Procurement and Supply Chain, Banking and Financial Services, and Healthcare. Timeline provides you with all the tools you need to achieve sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence.

Core Capabilities

Discover the ins and outs of every occurrence of each of your processes. ABBYY Timeline can quickly uncover the details of your process execution, including the most variable workflows. You can use this complete vision of your processes to streamline your digital transformation initiatives. Timeline helps you to easily pinpoint the ideal process instances for your transformation goals that will have the highest quantifiable impact.

ABBYY Timeline helps you to turn your data into impactful action. It offers quantifiable process metrics, like cost, volume, and duration. With this data on hand, you can ensure that each decision is based on your data.

Timeline uses process mining technology and task mining capabilities to analyze the way your employees interact with various applications. It then links this data with process details of system event data. Finally, it visually models important timestamps so you can easily pinpoint costly process variations.

You can use ABBYY Timeline to quickly identify the precise causes of unusual, non-compliant, or costly processes. This way, you can forego the guesswork and address the problem at its root in no time. With Timeline, you can also easily define complex scenarios so your solution can automatically detect their occurrence and respond with remediation efforts.

ABBYY Timeline helps you make sense of your early stage data. It uses this information to predict and forecast future process outcomes by applying advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. With this vision of the future at your fingertips, you can proactively act and plan accordingly. Timeline also features real-time monitoring to optimize your business operations.

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