Your processes are talking. Are you listening?

A key component of digital transformation is the optimization of business-critical processes. Every organization has its fair share of essential data contained within its processes. But the tricky part is being able to “listen” to what your processes are trying to tell you, comprehend it, and put it to work.

This is where ABBYY Timeline comes into the picture. ABBYY Timeline is a cloud-based, AI-driven process intelligence platform that gives you full visibility and greater insight into your processes and ultimately accelerate your digital transformation.

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  4. How Process Intelligence is Used Across Industries

What is Process Intelligence?

What is Process Mining

Process Intelligence technology brings your data and business process management techniques together to increase process efficiency. We sometimes refer to process intelligence technology as process mining technology. While the two are similar, process intelligence technology is the next evolution of process mining technology. ABBYY Timeline, in particular, can be distinguished by its unique approach to helping you gather data across your existing solutions and tools. It then analyzes and processes the data to improve the business processes you use every day.

NelsonHall recently named ABBYY a leader in its NEAT vendor evaluation for Process Discovery and Mining for the second year in a row. In the report, NelsonHall specified that the leader market segment “reflects ABBYY’s ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits to its clients with special focus on helping them accelerate digital transformation initiatives.” In other words, this technology’s ability to produce results now and in the uncertain future makes it an asset for digital transformation.

How Process Intelligence Works via ABBYY Timeline

It’s easy to say that you want to improve your processes, but accomplishing this ambition poses a more significant challenge. Fortunately, ABBYY Timeline provides tools to critically examine processes’ current state to build an achievable roadmap from point A to point B.

Process Intelligence in 4 Key Steps

  1. Process Discovery: ABBYY Timeline uses advanced algorithms to extract your processes from wherever they may be in your IT systems. It then reads the timestamps that help to record each process event. Then, visually models the processes. With this visual representation at your fingertips, you can easily pick out any variations from the ideal process flow that might be slowing down the process.
  2. Process Analysis: ABBYY Timeline can automatically make sense of all process-related data, including each step any employee or machine facilitates. Additionally, it automatically organizes and visually depicts a complete picture of your process from start to finish.
  3. Process Monitoring and Alerting: Timeline automatically monitors your process’ performance over time and sends alerts when processes need addressing. This feature provides excellent insights into how effective your process changes are.
  4. Process Prediction: When process mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence work together, amazing things happen like predicting future process outcomes. This allows you to act accordingly to ensure your desired outcome unfolds smoothly.


What are the Benefits of Process Intelligence?

Visualize Your End-to-End Process As-Is

Process intelligence allows you to view and analyze your end-to-end business operations and processes in real-time. ABBYY Timeline’s advanced process mining and task mining tools further enhance this ability. They provide a fully transparent depiction of where your processes are performing well and where they are falling short.

NelsonHall Research Analyst Baily Kong, explained to BusinessWire, “ABBYY offers one of a handful of platforms with native process mining and task mining capabilities and amongst only a few where the two capabilities are well integrated. Clients get an accurate 360-degree view that will help them understand their business processes on multiple levels and plan change initiatives.”

Pinpoint Opportunities for Process Improvement Over Time

You can use process intelligence to identify specific bottlenecks and other inefficiencies. This way, you can strategically plan and prioritize your process improvement journey for optimal results. And with ABBYY Timeline, the process improvement never stops. This tool automatically monitors process performance in real-time so you can continue ensuring your processes are at their best. Who knows, Timeline might even find bottlenecks in places you would never have thought to look!

Cost Reduction

Process intelligence can also save you money in your digital transformation. It accomplishes this by driving down the cost of process evaluation and simplifying the process of identifying high-value process improvement opportunities. Additionally, thanks to Timeline’s cloud approach to process intelligence, you get analytics without infrastructure. As a result, you can reduce your operational overhead and associated costs.

Improve the Customer Experience

Process intelligence can also provide insights into the customer journey based on your current customer processes. This information helps you identify and understand the challenges your customers may be facing and even uncover special cases. With this knowledge, you can make precise improvements to improve the customer experience.

Save Time

You’ll naturally save time as you improve your processes with your new insights. Process intelligence also allows you to eliminate manual process evaluation. As a result, you can get faster time to value on your process improvement initiatives.

  • Build organization-wide “best practices” for your processes
  • Make suggestions for potential actions to resolve process problems
  • Predict likely future outcomes and proactively plan and act accordingly

Compliance Risk Management

With Timeline’s cloud approach, you can rely on it to automatically handle performance, scalability, security, availability, and all your compliance needs. You can also arrange to receive alerts when specified rules are broken so you can immediately follow up to prevent them from occurring again.

Tools That Stay Up to Date

With ABBYY Timeline, you can trust that your solution will always be ready to deliver with the latest cutting-edge features. ABBYY ensures this by regularly releasing updates based on their latest innovations and industry best practices.

Simplify Process Improvement with Low Code Technology

With ABBYY Timeline, you have access to enterprise-level technology, but with the added convenience of low-coding. It features more than 25 pre-built tools that are intuitive and easy to use, even for less technical users. As a result, your team can make progress using this technology faster. These tools allow you to quickly build complex queries and sophisticated analyses from the data you already have. For example, here’s a look into some of these best-practice tools:

  • Path Analysis tools. ABBYY Timeline analyzes all process instances. This added measure allows you to detect those hiding-in-plain-sight execution patterns that may be able to help you identify behaviors that are either helpful or harmful to efficient operations.
  • Workflow and Journey Mapping means that Timeline automatically analyzes processes that use queue-based routing of work items or people.
  • Process Query lets you easily define complicated queries through a point-and-click configuration tool. This feature allows you to find process instances that match your query conditions with sub-second response time.
  • Operational Dashboards allow users to easily define process monitoring dashboards to keep track of key process metrics and get alerts in the event of condition changes.
  • Side-by-Side Comparison gives you an easy way to visualize and compare subsets of process instances that meet your specified conditions.
  • Detailed Case Analysis tools can analyze every detail of a process, even if some of the steps occur on other systems. Timeline’s event pattern analysis can also identify subprocesses for even greater insight.
  • Protocol Analysis allows you to specify the precise execution rules you need the technology to follow. Then, the system presents all instances that go against those rules.


How Process Intelligence is Used Across Industries

ABBYY Timeline can provide significant value to organizations across industries, including:

  • Accounts Payable: Did you know that 65% of invoices arrive via paper or emails which require printing? ABBYY is on a mission to change that and raise AP process IQ for greater efficiency.
  • Insurance: Insurers can use process intelligence to optimize multiple connected steps in the claims cycle. Insurers can also greatly benefit from process intelligence’s full visibility, as it allows them to see all process steps, even those that occur on multiple backend systems. This view allows them to better manage operations and ensure positive business outcomes. For more on what process mining can do for Insurance, check out this free whitepaper.

Digital Transformation Insurance - Claims & Policy Admin Lifecycles

  • Financial Services: Financial services institutions can benefit from Process Intelligence’s ability to identify trends and drive continual process improvement. Process intelligence also helps institutions to detect and receive alerts of behaviors that may be detrimental or beneficial to operations. Learn more about how ABBYY Timeline can specifically help financial services in this free whitepaper.
  • RPA: When you apply process mining to your RPA implementation, you can more precisely identify, design, implement, and monitor RPA initiatives to ensure you are automating the right processes and getting a strong ROI for your projects. Going forward, process intelligence can also help you ensure continuous improvement for your RPA solution.

Process Intelligence - How to Avoid Failure in Your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Project

Streamlined, optimized processes are critical if you want your growing business to stay organized and scale efficiently over time. Don’t let inefficient processes and unknown bottlenecks hold you back. ABBYY Timeline can provide your organization with all the tools you need to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives through sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence.

Where to Start Process Mining & Discover
Where to Start Process Mining & Discover

Learn how to evaluate your current business processes – the good, the bad, and the ugly – using ABBYY Timeline software.

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