Case Management Solutions

What is Case Management?

Case Management can manage operational or administrative processes that require the knowledge and discretion of qualified people to determine what work needs to be done next and by whom. Case manager software is built to pull relevant information from a variety of systems, including an enterprise content management (ECM) system, and present it to a knowledge worker in one single control panel.

Check out this article on What is Dynamic Case Management is and clearly defines what case management is, and why you should care.

How Can Case Management Software Help?

Naviant can provide you with the OnBase Case Management solution to empower your knowledge workers to more efficiently handle issues and high-value exceptions (i.e. cases) that are unique or difficult to predict in advance. It provides your case managers with a 360-degree view of all case-related information, including data records, documents, forms, and history, and delivers it in the context of their specific roles. You can log phone calls, add updates, share insights, delegate tasks, schedule events, and ensure smooth handoffs as cases flow toward desired outcomes.

With all the information related to a case—notes, observations, data, email, and more—managed in one application, nothing is lost. Relevant information is instantly available to those who need it for the duration of the case, and you have the audit history to show for it.

You can use OnBase Case Management to rapidly configure and deploy case-driven applications for a single department or enterprise-wide. Go ahead and implement it as a standalone application or take full advantage of the rest of the OnBase product suite upon which it was built.

OnBase Case Management is Ideal for:

  • Contract Management & Legal
  • Vendor Management
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Provider Enrollment / Provider Credentialing
  • Insurance Claims Processing

OnBase Case Management for Contract Management & Legal

Naviant’s Case Management for Contract Management & Legal solution for document management and workflow provides you with a single repository to store and manage contracts, offering employees with instant access to the information they need. Once documents are in your OnBase document management solution, whether imported from other systems or scanned in, they are much easier to work with throughout the contract lifecycle. Each edit is fully tracked and recorded, providing case managers with a full history of what was changed, when, and by whom. Completed contracts can then electronically route through the right approvals automatically, and the appropriate approver can use a digital signature to execute the document.

OnBase Case Management for Vendor Management

Leverage OnBase Vendor Management solutions to streamline the process of creating and updating your Accounts Payable vendor records, and links vendor profiles to documents and data. More importantly, case manager software can manage all of the documents associated with that vendor, creating a single, centralized view of all vendor information. Manage vendor contracts, terms, and expiration dates, and allow your users to evaluate vendor performance through graphical dashboards, and track incidents in one place.

OnBase Case Management for Human Resources

You can leverage OnBase Case Management for Human Resources to help manage the entire employee lifecycle, including employee onboarding, employee file management, policies and procedures, recruiting and selection, and even employee separation. OnBase Case Management for HR allows you to centrally store all policy documents, training videos, and other supporting content, and kick off HR approval processes. Simple electronic store and retrieval all the way through policy and procedure sign-offs and electronic forms submission can all be handled through OnBase.

OnBase Case Management for Provider Enrollment / Provider Credentialing

OnBase Case Management for Provider Enrollment Credentialing assists health payers with managing the Provider Credentialing process more efficiently and with a higher degree of accuracy than the manual process most companies currently use today. Naviant’s Provider Enrollment Solution, powered by the OnBase Case Management enterprise information platform, solves both the efficiency and the visibility issues that have plagued the provider enrollment process. OnBase captures and stores the documents related to the provider contract including the provider agreement and proof of current insurance for the provider and medical licenses, organizes the information by year, and presents provider credentialing information in easy-to-view, easy-to-access tabs. This solution also manages expiration dates, practice locations, and more. This makes it easy to audit materials to verify whether or not current documentation is on file.  When documents are missing, OnBase automatically generates notifications via email, fax, or printed letter to request required information, while timers automatically remind the Credentialing department to follow-up if the information is not received within a specified time frame.

OnBase Case Management for Claims Processing

OnBase improves claims processing by storing information in one central location and automating tasks like verifying coverage and tracking missing or required information. For more complex claims product lines, such as short and long-term disability, cancer, accident and so on, the OnBase Case Management Claims Processing Solution allows the insurer to dynamically interact with the claims process, handling even non-linear aspects of claims processing. Insurers create tasks on the fly, monitor items that are “Not in Good Order,” and access pend/diary items that need further review. With the OnBase Claims Case Management Solution, claims administrators or examiners manage all aspects of a claim, from early assessment to investigation to settlement. From the onset of the claim through the determination, insurance carriers must complete many tasks – collecting, reviewing and maintaining the supporting documentation to assess the claimant’s coverage, validating statements and negotiating the payment of claims. The OnBase Claims Case Management Solution allows claims examiners to easily access information, schedule tasks, notifications, and time-based reminders increasing efficiency across claims operations even during times of higher volume. Additionally, OnBase seamlessly integrates with financial systems to manage payment schedules, providing better control over the release of funds and providing the ability to track and audit claims-related activities to reduce compliance risks.

The Most Comprehensive Support for Case Management Available from One ECM Product

Leading case management solutions for document-intensive processes combine capabilities from three adjacent disciplines: enterprise content management, business process management, and customer relationship management. Most vendors deliver these capabilities through solution frameworks that integrate multiple, acquired products. OnBase is the only ECM software suite developed from the ground up to deliver rich functionality from all three disciplines in a single product.