Case Management Solutions

What is Case Management?

Is it just me, or does Case Management seem to be suffering from an identity crisis? It doesn’t seem like anyone can properly articulate what it is, what it does, and how it can help organizations. Our article on What is Dynamic Case Management clearly defines what case management is, and why you should care.

Essentially, case management can manage operational or administrative processes that require the know-how and discretion of qualified people to determine what work needs to be done next, and by whom, when you have cases to manage.

How Can Case Management Help?

Naviant can provide you with the OnBase Case Management solution to empower your knowledge workers to more effectively handle issues and high-value exceptions (i.e. cases) that are unique or difficult to predict in advance. It provides your employees with a 360-degree view of all case-related information, including data records, documents, forms, and history, and delivers it in the context of their specific roles. You can log phone calls, add updates, share insights, delegate tasks, schedule events, and ensure smooth handoffs as cases flow toward desired outcomes.

With all the information related to a case—notes, observations, data, email, and more—managed in one application, nothing is lost. Relevant information is instantly available to those who need it for the duration of the case, and you have the audit history to show for it.

You can use OnBase Case Management to rapidly configure and deploy case-driven applications for a single department or enterprise-wide. Go ahead and implement it as a standalone application or take full advantage of the rest of the OnBase product suite upon which it was built. Here are some examples of pre-built Case Management solutions that solve specific business problems:

  • Checklists for Process Control
  • Facilities Project Management
  • HR Onboarding
  • Insurance – New Business Processing & Claims Processing
  • Legal Contracts Management
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Vendor Management

The Most Comprehensive Support for Case Management Available from One ECM Product

Leading case management solutions for document-intensive processes combine capabilities from three adjacent disciplines: enterprise content management, business process management, and customer relationship management. Most vendors deliver these capabilities through solution frameworks that integrate multiple, acquired products. OnBase is the only ECM software suite developed from the ground up to deliver rich functionality from all three disciplines in a single product.