Employee File Management Document Workflow Solution

Colony Brands Uses OnBase to Streamline HR Processes

Colony Brands was faced with a major challenge in HR in managing the paper trails involved in re-hiring 4,000 to 6,000 temporary employees during their busy season. With OnBase, they are able to quickly look up previous employees within their familiar HR interface and have access to all the related documents, which allows they to hire more quickly and efficiently.

Employee File Management can be a heavy burden for organizations handling employee files manually. With the OnBase Employee File Management software, capture, access, integrate, measure, and store your employee files in one electronic centralized database. Your Human Resource staff can confidently be in compliance, store and manage documents securely, provide a high level of service, and improve employee retention with electronic employee file management

 Employee Document Compliance

Paper-based employee file management invites risks to employment regulation requirements and increases the amount of time your staff spends tracking employee documents. Capturing employee files electronically and storing them in a central secured database gives your staff a quick and clear view of an employee’s files. Manage compliance policies and document guidelines by pulling reports to identify which files are missing for each employee. Automate document retention periods with flexible schedules that satisfy complex requirements and eliminate the risk of early or late termination of documents.

 Securely Store and Manage Confidential Employee Files

OnBase securely stores employee files in one central document repository. At the same time, only authorized individuals can access employee documents and restricts access to all other users. The history of each document is automatically tracked to see all the activity surrounding a document.

High Level of Service to Employees

Documents stored electronically allow staff to spend less time filing, searching, and retrieving information. OnBase’s ability to integrate with Human Resource Information Systems allows staff to continue to work in interfaces they are accustomed to with the added bonus of faster search capabilities to answer employee inquires more efficiently.

Increase Employee Retention

With an employee file management software, Human Resource professionals can spend more time on the human aspect of their position instead of spending time managing paper employee files. Having the time and energy to focus on developing programs for employee’s growth and satisfaction adds higher value to your organization.

Naviant can help you implement a solution to improve the management of employee files. With OnBase, HR staff can eliminate paper and associated costs, speeding up processes while reducing costs company-wide and spending more time on value-added tasks.