Employee Onboarding Document Management Workflow Solution

Providing new employees with a great first impression means making sure the employee lands at his/her desk with a phone, a laptop, a network login, a chair and all the office supplies he/she could ever need on a first day. Making sure those tasks are taken care of can be a challenge, however, especially when those processes rely on paper checklists or decentralized electronic information. Overcome those challenges with OnBase by efficiently routing those tasks to the right department at the right time electronically.

OnBase gives you complete visibility into those processes, allowing you to electronically monitor those tasks to ensure they are completed on time. Furthermore, it provides your HR employees with more time, allowing them to focus on more productive onboarding tasks.

With Naviant and OnBase you can:

  • Track the status of a new hire’s required reading, providing proof of acknowledgement of corporate policies and identifying delinquencies
  • Decrease administrative costs per hire by reducing the paper and manual tasks involved in collecting and processing employee information
  • Mitigate financial and regulatory risk of noncompliance by ensuring new hire documentation is complete and filed, in accordance with federal and state requirements