Kryon RPA Software

Kryon RPA Software Overview

Kryon RPA Software is a quick and easy-to-use platform built for a business user. You don’t need to be a developer or IT knowledge to start. Discover, automate, and optimize your business processes faster than ever with artificial intelligence (AI).

First, an AI-powered process discovery robot monitors your daily tasks and interactions with applications to map and analyze every business process. The findings are then displayed in real-time on the platform. Here you can see where processes can be automated, and the system prioritizes the recommendations in order of highest ROI and business results.

Next, click on a recommended process for automation. You can see the workflow that the AI system built out for you and tweak it. The platform even shows you how much time this new automated workflow recommendation will save you. Then, click automate to engage your digital workforce to start.

Kryon RPA Software effortlessly reviews your processes, builds workflow automation solutions, and puts the robots to work freeing up your time to focus on more meaningful business.

Kryon RPA Discovery Process

A successful RPA journey begins with discovery. Developed by Kryon using patented AI technology, Process Discovery is the only tool that not only identifies all your business processes for automation, it generates the automated workflows for you. RPA deployment has never been easier or more efficient.

Core Components of Kryon RPA Platform

Process Discovery

A robot installed on your computer collects data on what applications you use throughout the day and how you complete tasks. The data gathered is turned into actionable intelligence that recommends ways for you to automate processes. This robot even develops the workflows for you in the Kryon Studio.

Kryon Studio

The Kryon Studio is where you can edit, maintain, and monitor workflow automations. This tool is for business users with no developer or IT experience. You will see a clean visual of your workflow process and can easily record tasks and drag and drop activities to edit workflows. Development and deployment are easier and faster than ever.

Kryon Console

You can monitor your processes in real-time, anytime, and anywhere, with the web-based Kryon Console. Login to remote configure, schedule, and manage your digital workforce. Like the Kryon Studio, this tool is built for business users with an effortless dashboard to manage and deploy robots.

Kryon Robots

The most important part: Your digital workforce. The robots will help you with your processes from start to finish. They can gather data, create smarter automation, and complete processes for you. Kryon RPA offers Process Discovery, Unattended, Attended, and Hybrid robot options. You can use one or use them all together.

Kryon Admin

You can securely manage roles and user permissions with Kryon Admin. With a multi-tenant architecture, you can have separate working environments and teams set up to manage robots.

Benefits of Kryon RPA Software

Full-Cycle Automation

Kryon RPA guides you from start to finish. In other words, it leads you through process discovery, analysis, automation, and optimization stages to make sure you’ll be successful. The Kryon Process Discovery tool eliminates the tedious and time-consuming work of detecting where automation can be implemented.

Kryon’s discovery robots run undetected on your computer. They collect data on how you use business applications and perform daily tasks. Next, AI analyzes the data gathered and automatically generates workflows. As a result, you save time and money.

Then, you choose which Kryon robots will get the job done – unattended, attended, or hybrid. Once you have your automation and robots in place, you can continue to monitor and analyze your processes to optimize efficiency and grow your ROI while minimizing costs.

Immediate Results & ROI

AI & RPA can analyze data and learn faster than we ever could. With the help of robots, we can execute automation plans faster. Kryon’s RPA software simplifies the development of automations and reduces operational costs by doing the heavy lifting for you.

Complete Process Visibility

The Process Discovery robot maps out all your business processes for you. You can now see a clear picture of your processes and easily uncover opportunities to automate. Once automations are in place, you gain full transparency over tasks that are given to robots. You can track the status of tasks, review the robot’s actions, and will be notified when a robot has completed an assignment.

Higher Productivity & Exceptional Accuracy

A robot can work 24/7 to complete tasks and at digital speeds, which means more tasks in less time. Using robots also eliminates manual tasks and human error because they complete tasks the same way every time without error. This means fewer mistakes and leads to happier customers.

Better Employee & Customer Experiences

You and your employees can assign the tedious and repetitive work to your robot workforce. Robots expedite the rate you can complete a process and gives you time to focus on more rewarding work and customer engagement. Your empowered employees can provide exceptional service, and your customers will benefit from faster response times and working with your happier employees.


Collecting your data can seem scary. Kryon’s security tools include credentials vault, multi-tenancy, roles and permissions setup, and immutable logs. Each robot can only access it’s assigned systems. You can host your solution on a cloud to create fully-separate, secure teams, and environments. All changes are completely traceable in robot history and activities. The logs cannot be altered or changed.