Keynote Addresses

Inspiring Creativity
By Disney Institute
Join us as we invite a world-renowned speaker from Disney to share with us the story of “Inspiring Creativity” through storytelling and real-life examples from inside Disney. In today’s rapidly changing business climate, organizational success is more dependent than ever on creativity and innovation.

Tapping the wellspring of employee creativity is a hallmark at Disney and the primary driver behind its continued success. Gain insight into way to develop and foster a creative culture. Stimulate the creative resources and inspire your employees to “dream it and do it”, turning ideas and concepts into profitable products and services. Attendees will walk away with ideas on how to inspire creativity and inspiration within your own organizations.

What’s New with Hyland Software
AJ Hyland, President & CEO
AJ Hyland, President & CEO of Hyland Software, will provide a corporate update on Hyland Software’s progress within the world of Enterprise Content Management. In today’s world of vendor consolidation, AJ will reinforce Hyland’s commitment to remaining independent, and focus on Hyland’s strengths within the vertical markets for aggressive growth and development. AJ will also be available for one-on-one meetings in the morning of Day 2, as well as be available for a question and answer session at the end of the keynote presentation.

Breakout Sessions – Web Version

ECM Strategy 101: What is It & Why
While many people are aware of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), most do not understand the full impact an ECM strategy can have on an organization. This special preview session will walk through the basics of what is ECM, how organizations are using it in multiple areas to enhance their bottom line, and familiarize you with the basics of the OnBase ECM suite. If you are new to the concepts of ECM and OnBase, then this is the course for you!

Enhancing Your Customer Experience
Many organizations are focused on increasing customer satisfaction, and improving upon their customer experience. This session will teach you how OnBase has had a major impact on customer satisfaction throughout all areas of a business by making information available when customers are waiting. Whether it’s automating Sales Order Processing, simplifying Contract Management for trade discounts and terms, integrating AP/AR, or improving Call Center ROI, this session will focus on the many different ways OnBase can enhance your customer experience by ridding yourself of paper.

What’s New in Scanning Technology?
With the continued rapid advances in scanner technology, this Naviant and vendor-led session will help you gain a better understanding of what to look for in a scanner, as well as learn about some new features and benefits in scanning technology that help organizations work smarter, not harder. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own hard-to-scan documents to be used as samples.

Top 5 Ways to Cut Costs in AP/AR
Suppose you could significantly increase cash flow by reducing your invoice processing costs within 9 months or less? This session will walk attendees through the top 5 ways to cut costs in AP/AR departments and the key challenges most organizations face, including missing early pay discounts, excessive cycle times inflating cost per invoice, as well as paper-based process challenges. We will also review a case study of how one organization with SAP has enjoyed a $1.5 million dollar savings in the first year alone by improving business processes within AP.

Scanning: Following The Paper Trail
In this scenario-based session, see how a static-document comes alive throughout the process of entering into the world of ECM. We’ll walk through the tips and tricks of document preparation, scanner cleaning, capture, indexing, and retrieval. Learn how and why organizations handle capture in different ways, and explore the options that exist today for distributed capture and disconnected scanning.

Defining an ECM & Process Strategy
Ever wonder who took the “E” out of ECM? This Naviant Group-led session will focus on building a strategic roadmap within your organization to help guide the conversation about ECM. We’ll walk through some key considerations for controlling costs, as well as learn how to develop an ECM strategy across your entire organization.

Intelligent Data Capture & Extraction
This session takes scanning to the next level by focusing on how organizations are utilizing intelligent capture in more advanced ways. We’ll walk you through the building blocks from simple zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for basic forms or zonal AP invoice capture, to more intelligent capture and extraction with Brainware technology, including advanced AP line item detail extraction and EOB line item detail extraction within healthcare. Through case studies and demos, you will walk away with a better understanding of how organizations are utilizing this technology to increase efficiencies that significantly impact the bottom line.

Naviant '09 Conference Sponsors

Naviant ’09 Conference Sponsors

OnBase 9.0: What’s New & Why Upgrade?
Wondering what the latest version of OnBase 9.0 will bring? With more than 3,300 Software Change Requests completed and tested in OnBase 9.0, there are more reasons than ever to upgrade. Join us for a broad overview of all of the major changes and enhancements that have taken place, including support for the latest Microsoft platforms, integrations with market-leading applications, new modules, improved performance particularly in Web Server and Web Client, and a more consistent user experience across the OnBase user interfaces.

Share the Wealth: OnBase & The Enterprise Embrace
Is your organization guilty of being only a “departmental user”? Checkout this session to see all the opportunities you’re missing to make life easier for the rest of the organization. With seamless integrations for OnBase, other departments never have to leave their existing systems, yet can still access the critical documents and information available within OnBase. Whether it’s ERP, CRM, Outlook, EMR, HR, or Payroll system integrations, this session will cover the business case for embracing an enterprise-wide solution, and help bring all your paper documents and related content together to be managed within one place.

OnBase System Administration
Always a crowd favorite, this interactive session looks at the performance of OnBase across processing, login, retrieval, metadata storage, and system backup verification, and focuses on achieving the highest level of performance without sacrificing functionality or flexibility. Additionally, the session will explore configuration as well as the impact of disk groups, platter management, and data verification, as well as transaction logs and workstation registration. If you are the system administrator for your OnBase system, this is one session you don’t want to miss!

Sharepoint & OnBase: The Land of the Lost
This session will explore how OnBase extends in to the SharePoint experience, and attendees will walk away with a better understanding of where within your organization each solution plays best. Attendees will also discover the wide array of OnBase functionality and components available to “plug-in” to your portal environment, including functionality to Scan from SharePoint, Push to SharePoint, and for Collaboration at the document level.

GlobalBrain: Search Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Are you ever stuck searching high and low for content you saved somewhere, but you can’t remember where? If you’re like most people, having the capability to quickly search every content repository (whether it’s OnBase, SharePoint, Desktop, Shared Folders) at once with a fuzzy search would be a huge advantage. This session will focus on Brainware’s GlobalBrain Search solution, which allows you to do just that! See how organizations around the world are saving millions by implementing this technology within their organization.

Expert Stations

This year we have dedicated a one-hour session on day 2 to hands-on expert demonstration stations. The Expert Stations will be hosted by Naviant’s Professional Services Group (PSG), and will provide the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions about some of the most popular solutions and modules, which are outlined below.

  • OnBase & Sharepoint
  • OnBase Foldering
  • OnBase Business Dashboards & StatusView
  • Kofax VRS Products & Capabilities
  • Distributed Capture
  • Ask an Expert Station

Evening Entertainment

Please join us for cocktails, prizes, and high rollers, as we enjoy a wildly entertaining evening with a full blown Casino Night.

Roll the dice with Lady Luck at the Craps table, try your luck at the Roulette Wheel, or ante up at the Poker/Texas Hold-Em tables and bluff your way to fame. Whatever your flavor, you can’t go wrong when you’re betting with someone else’s money.

Event Sponsors

This Conference would not be possible without the help of our Valued Partners and Sponsors, including Hyland OnBase, Brainware, Canon, Kofax, Bowe Bell + Howell, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Konica Minolta, and Cranel Imaging.