IT issues like slow networks, outdated technology, data breaches, and abrupt employee departures can grind everyday operations to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, most IT teams are already strapped with a to-do list a mile long, making it impossible to do it all. That’s why companies are turning to managed services to outsource some of these responsibilities to dedicated staff. As a result, they gain access to a team of experts with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the solutions they rely on.

Is now the right time for your organization to partner with a managed service provider?

Here are six signs that managed services is right for you.

6 Signs You Need a Managed Services Provider

1. Your IT Support is Overwhelmed and Short Staffed

As your organization grows, your demand for IT resources will only increase. But most IT teams are already stretched too thin with many pressing issues eating up their time. As a result, issues may slip through the cracks as solution care becomes reactive. If your IT team is treading water, it’s time to get some support.

A managed services team can help you break free from the break-fix approach to IT support. They provide around-the-clock monitoring to address issues and needs as they arise. This proactive approach avoids having problems escalate and expensive downtime. Partnering with managed services also means you’ll have a dedicated team working to optimize your IT solutions, making them even stronger.

2. Your Company is Rapidly Growing

If you’re a growing company, you’ve probably found that the “old way of doing things” no longer works. Maybe you use to manage all your orders and invoices in a handful of spreadsheets. But when your employee and client base drastically increase, your spreadsheet is no match for the influx of new data. Managed services can help you navigate this rapid expansion by helping you select and implement the right network architecture and software for your organization. And with the high level of expertise managed services teams possess, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

3. You’re Worried About Operational Costs

Keeping up with your organization’s evolving IT needs gets EXPENSIVE. Instead of pouring increasing sums of cash into expanding your skilled IT resources, partner with a managed services team. Many managed services providers offer tiered plans and the flexibility to scale or cut back on services as your needs and budget changes. For example, at Naviant, we offer service options like:

Naviant Managed Services Offerings

Operate – We help you keep the lights on by covering full IT operations. This option is a great way to save money on hiring outside technicians whenever a repair arises. Plus, because managed services teams take a proactive approach to solution and network care, your chances of getting a network outage are far lower, which is good news: According to Gartner, network downtime can be as pricey as $5,600 per minute.

Assist – Our experienced IT professionals fill vacant positions temporarily or permanently, depending on your needs. As the Great Resignation continues, this option has become invaluable for many organizations facing abrupt losses of highly skilled workers. Instead of frantically searching for hard-to-find knowledge workers or distributing the workload on already busy employees, you have access to experts in your solution who can jump in and help immediately.

Enhance – We work to increase your solution’s value by helping you implement enhancements. If your IT team is already struggling to keep up with IT needs, it can be hard to implementing new features. Managed services teams stay on top of all the latest enhancements and new tools your solution can support, so you don’t even have to think about it.

Expand – Our Consulting teams work with you 1-on-1 to find ways to optimize and expand your current technology and implement new solutions. This way, you can enjoy smoother implementations and find the right solution for you faster. And through it all, you will have the reassurance that your business is set up for optimal success now and in the future.

With these responsibilities off your plate, you can put your focus back on important matters like generating business profits, rather than spending it on new IT add-ons to get by. And although you won’t be the one doing all the work anymore, you’re still in control of all decisions made about your solutions.

4. Your Business Needs Faster Network Speed

An unreliable, lagging network can stop productivity in its tracks and frustrate customers. Managed services can get to the bottom of your slow internet issues. Managed services providers can analyze your network to identify any performance-blocking bottlenecks you may have. They can also find opportunities to further improve your current network architecture.

5. You Need a Backup and Recovery Plan

It’s a no brainer…data breaches can have catastrophic business consequences. Having a backup and recovery plan is critical for your organization to weather the storm of breaches and other disasters. Managed services providers can take over data backup and recovery efforts. These efforts utilize the latest solutions on the market like blockchain technology and the cloud. As a result, whether your hardware crashes or you’re a hacking target, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

6. You Want to Increase Your Cybersecurity Defense

From 2020 to 2021 alone, cyber-attacks increased by 15.1%. This trend has prompted many organizations to take additional measures to bolster their cybersecurity defense. Managed services can help prevent cyberattacks from occurring in the first place. They take proactive measures against threats like ransomware, worms, phishing scams, and viruses. These efforts can take a variety of forms, including helping to:

  • Inform and train your employees to identify risky situations
  • Encrypt your sensitive data
  • Install a firewall
  • Manage your security protocols

As a result, you can gain peace of mind knowing there’s another set of eyes watching your network activity and looking for ways to further strengthen your security.

It’s Time.

If you found these concerns relatable, it’s time to partner with a managed services provider. When you find the right partner, you’ll be able to stop chasing down problems and rest assured that your organization and all its systems are in good hands. Want to learn more about Naviant’s Managed Services? Start the conversation in the chat.

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