The latest release of OnBase is finally here – OnBase Foundation: the most secure and forward-looking version of OnBase to date.

The release of OnBase Foundation marks the first in a series of Foundation product releases across Hyland’s content services platform. With enhancements and new capabilities across the platform, Hyland’s latest release of OnBase empowers you with a foundation to strengthen your solutions today while equipping you for the future.

OnBase Foundation includes enhancements for both users and administrators, new security and compliance features, and stronger connections between Hyland’s content services and core applications. For example:

  • Administrators having access to more configurable, low-code tools for developing applications, deeper integration with core systems and increased support for Office 365
  • New information governance solution, governance rules as a service, created in partnership with Iron Mountain, enhances and helps automate your document retention practices in OnBase
  • New video streaming capabilities allow users to upload videos and play them back in an OnBase viewer
  • Strengthened ability to integrate your OnBase solution with Hyland’s other offerings, including content composer, customer communication management product, cloud-based document sharing, and collaboration solution, and Brainware intelligent capture

The OnBase Foundation release represents the beginning of a new product versioning strategy rolling out across Hyland’s content services platform. For products with Foundation versions, Hyland will provide frequent updates via enhancement (EPs) – starting with this initial release of OnBase Foundation EP1 – making new features, products, and security updates available on an increased cadence for both cloud and on-premises customers throughout a calendar year. Additionally, Hyland will continue to develop its new cloud-first, SaaS platform. Simultaneously, organizations using Foundation versions will be best positioned to take advantage of the latest capabilities as they are released.

“OnBase Foundation is, as the name suggests, Foundation customers can rely on into the future,” said Bill Priemer, president and CEO at Hyland. “We’ve added powerful new features that provide customers with immediate value, and we’ve introduced a new versioning strategy to provide customers with more frequent updates and enhancements, equipping them for rapid change and long-term growth.”

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