Hiring and retaining top talent is a top priority for organizations everywhere, especially amid skill shortages in specific industries like IT. But those who haven’t yet embraced digital transformation face an uphill battle in this challenge. Manual, traditional talent acquisition tactics hinder an organization’s ability to not only attract top talent but retain current staff. It also causes the employee experience to suffer, which only makes matters worse.

Today’s employees have new expectations for their employers, and many aren’t hesitating to resign if their expectations aren’t met. However, many of their new workplace requirements can be delivered using technology. More companies are prioritizing digital transformation to revamp their company culture and the way they do business. Let’s dive into 5 different reasons employees resign and how technology can help solve these problems.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Digitally Transform Your Employee Experience

1. Add Flexibility

Since remote work became mainstream in 2020, many who got a taste for it refuse to leave it behind. Offering flexible work options like hybrid and remote models is critical to remain competitive in 2022. Without it, current staff may leave, and you miss out on the chance to drastically widen your talent reach.
With the right tools in place, you can support a seamless remote experience that not only enhances work-life balance but increases collaboration and engagement. As a bonus, it can even reduce the burden of travel.

Technology That Enables Flexibility:

  • Enterprise content management delivers a seamless working experience for your employees, whether they’re remote or in the office. Although ECM has a plethora of capabilities, its ability to give staff instant access to secure content from anywhere is the biggest win for flexibility. Mobile access also allows managers to make approvals on the go. And with high security protocols, you can be sure that only the right people have access.
  • Collaboration tools that allow employees to easily chat in real-time and share and co-edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets together are crucial. If your employees face roadblocks to collaboration, they’re likely to feel unsupported, excluded, and out of the loop. Ensure that these experiences are seamless for all employees, regardless of where they’re working.

2. Reduce Burnout

Most organizations have their share of manual processes that are tedious, boring, and slow. These are the kinds of tasks that probably pull employees away from more enjoyable, skilled work, and may even cause them to have to stay late. These tasks are often high in volume, too, which makes them primary drivers of burnout.

Technology That Helps Reduce Burnout:

  • RPA helps your team focus on the tasks that are more enjoyable and require more expertise. Simultaneously, robots take over the tedious, manual tasks that were demanding so much of their time.
  • OCR is a powerful tool for any organization looking to take down manual data capture. In short, capture technology automatically extracts machine-printed text from template-based paper and electronic documents. With AI added, it can extract data from documents without templates like a human would. All this means your employees no longer have to devote hours to mind-numbing data entry and can spend more time developing their talents and skills in more enjoyable, challenging work.
  • Full-text search, another form of OCR, allows users to quickly index millions of documents in a Google-like fashion. This tool allows employees to enjoy drastically reduced search time, as it highlights every occurrence of the input phrase across documents, whether they’re:
    • PDFs
    • Emails
    • Images
    • Microsoft Office Files
    • Electronic Forms

3. Eliminate Roadblocks to Productivity

Legacy systems and old, outdated technology make it difficult for employees to do their jobs, causing daily frustration. This creates a stressful work environment that no employee enjoys.

Technology That Enhances Productivity:

  • Enterprise content management is a fantastic all-in-one alternative to the outdated, siloed legacy solutions that exhaust your employees. Not only does it provide easy access to information from anywhere, but it gives them full visibility, which allows for smarter decision making.

4. Emphasize Training & Upskilling Opportunities

Investing in employees, new and existing, is critical. Staff who feel like they’ve hit a dead end in their career trajectory or generally feel unvalued are likely to resign. According to a Gallup report, 87% of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. And new employees who undergo subpar onboarding and job training aren’t likely to stick around, either. In response, more organizations are prioritizing professional development and opportunities for upskilling and career advancement.

5. Partner with Managed Services

If your IT team is swamped with work, you’re not alone. With a skyrocketing to-do list and constantly rising demands, most IT teams don’t have enough resources to get it all done, leaving staff overwhelmed and burnt out. Fortunately, partnering with a managed services team can supplement your IT team, providing you with a variety of benefits for your organization at large, but also perks that directly impact your IT team’s work lives.

Technology That Empowers Training & Upskilling:

  • RPA, simulations, and other hands-on training tools can help your employees learn to use machines or devices or respond to emergencies.
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Move Forward with the Right Focus

In a strained labor market, it’s more important than ever that organizations take a people-first, technology enabled approach to business. You must invest in both digital transformation and in strengthening the capabilities of your skilled employees. With the right focus, your business will attract and retain quality people, allowing you to thrive now and in the future.

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