Your ECM solutions should give you the ability to monitor and report on the content and activity within your system. This should not have to involve your IT staff, nor your database administrators. An ideal ECM solution allows you to:

  • Have real time visibility without involving your IT staff. You need to be able to gather information about your business to make point-in-time decisions. In order to do this, you should have real-time visibility into your processes, including notifications of volume thresholds and aging content. This will allow you to eliminate bottlenecks within your organization, as well as make timely decisions. You should have the ability to run reports from wherever you are, whenever you need to.
  • Access dashboards from anywhere. Give your executive team real-time insights into their organization from their tablet. Add portals to your SharePoint sites, ensuring that the latest information is always right at their fingertips.
  • Analyze the data your way. Dashboards are wonderful when needing an overview of the common reporting you usually run, but sometimes a deeper analysis of your data is required. Does your ECM solution integrate directly with Microsoft Excel, allowing instant extraction and slicing of data? If you need to extract data to a data warehouse, this should be easy and cost-effective. This is your data after all.