When Choosing a Solutions Integrator Industry Expertise Matters

Knowing a customer’s industry is equally as important as having deep enterprise content management (ECM) expertise. If an ECM solutions integrator and their vendor partner doesn’t know your market or the challenges you face regularly, you could add time and money to your purchase, implementation, deployment, and upgrade processes. An ECM product should be developed to meet your specific organizational and industry needs.

Customers are an invaluable resource for solution development, and often the solutions integrator, vendor partner, and customer can learn from each other. To gauge industry expertise, consider the available ways a user can interact with the solutions integrator. Also—research how your potential solutions integrator keeps up with market trends. The right solution for your organization can only be established if that ECM solutions integrator knows not only what you want to accomplish, but what’s happening in your industry that might impact your organization. Your solutions integrator should always be thinking about new industry-specific functionality to solve challenges.

Never settle for a solution that may work for you. Finding an ECM solutions integrator with industry expertise will ensure you never have to.